Trump Campaign Wants It In Writing That gropey joe Will Show For the Debates

I think this is a good idea as biden lies about so many things and more and more dimocrats are encouraging him to skip the debates.

“We are concerned that arguments to eliminate debates have escalated and we now believe that re-stated written confirmation from the Biden campaign is needed to ensure that he will attend three debates in person,” Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani wrote in a letter on Monday.

hidin, lying biden was out today lying about his proposed ban on fracking. No telling how many more lies he’ll concoct to stay in his basement and avoid facing questions.

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It’s crazy that this nonsense works on the supporters of the President.


Lol Donnie is trying so darn hard to get out of the debates.

Fear, desperation.


Fear, desperation, etc etc.

beaten by a minute for fear posting.


Tell it to nancy.


Pelosi has zero control over the debate schedule.


She’s part of the right-wing conspiracy.

We get it.

From the OP link, lol Trump and his toadies always tell us what they are doing. So obvious.

““There have been numerous instances of Biden saying one thing about a given topic in public, only to have his campaign come behind him and clean up his statements after the fact. While he may verbally give vague assertions of his intentions, there is no way of knowing what his handlers truly have planned for him.””

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That’s hilariously sad.

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That is so well done!

Donnie and his goobers are so so scared.



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She has zero control over the debates

The Biden campaign has reaffirmed several times that there will be three Presidential debates.

The Trump campaign is working hard to give off the impression that Biden is afraid to debate Trump.

It is a ploy that exists to scratch that itch in the brain of the President’s supporters.


Sounds like you believe that.

It’s even crazier because such written confirmation already exists.

The Biden campaign sent a letter to the Commission on a Presidential Debates agreeing to the three debates and their scheduled dates.

In a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, obtained by CNN and first reported by The Washington Post, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said Biden will face off with Trump in those debates already planned – on September 29, October 15 and October 22. A vice presidential debate will be held on October 7.


There will be three Presidential debates.

There will be one Vice Presidential debate.

They will happen at the agreed upon time and place.


I can’t wait, but I do think they should move one up to as soon as possible.

Too many ballots going out beforehand.

only one of the candidate has a history of wussing out of debate


shes the leader of the democrats

(to use the term loosely as hell)