Trump Campaign sues CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post

Over articles written on their Opinion pages.

Basically, suing the First Ammendment?

Do these suits have any merit at all, or are they hot-air threats and an attempt to intimidate these outlets into refraining from publishing “fake news”?

Does he really want the facts about his Russian escapades to be aired out in public again, or is he too delusional to think he’s done anything wrong?

Dear President Trump…

… … … Can you spell…

… … … … … … D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R.Y?
In Clinton V. Jones it was determined that a President can be required to testify in a civil case, which if he sues is a civil case.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Trump is truly the leader the GOP deserves.


Ugh, who is giving him advice?

Discovery will absolutely destroy him.

This is a grift folks. He is suing them under the campaign team because he can use those donation money to pay his lawyers.

There you go.

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I think it’s just a campaign device. More evidence that Trump is fighting back at the left-wing media, the deep state, etc.


That as well…

It’s kinda backfiring on him though. He is in the middle of trying to get cases against him dropped under the guise of being president and not having the time to deal with lawsuits while filing them at the same time

His supporters won’t care…he’s fighting the media, those mean meanies that treat him so unfairly.

Great. Now let’s let the courts decide whether there’s justification for the suit? If there is and they are found guilty…we can then all agree that this was a good thing…amirite? :sunglasses:

And if there’s no merit we can agree as a nation that the president is a whiney pre-teen girl. Am I right?

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I don’t need the President to sue for me to understand that much of the media is no longer a news source but an extension of a political party, pushing an agenda and often, what they’ve stated…is wrong and is later retracted. One question is if there’s a pattern or history of this, at what point are they liable…if at all?

When should politicians start suing fox news?

Any time they’re willing to cut the check…for what they believe is right.

There is no guilty in a civil suit.

Fines are levied, guilt is determined and a precedent has been set.

There aren’t fines, guilt, or precedent.

Really? No money may potentially change hands if damage is determined to have taken place? If damage has been determined, that isn’t guilt? Going forward, this case may never be brought up again to be used in cases down the road?

Would you expect that D Trump would be called as a witness?

It’s a civil suit. There is no guilt, nor fines, not precedents set. The plaintiffs will have to prove there were damages, which they won’t. It’s a grift. I guarantee you that the campaign is sending out emails saying SEND MONEY WERE FIGHTING and susceptible people will send in their money.