Trump campaign paid legal fees for Jared Kushner


President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign used donations to pay the law firm representing Trump’s son-in-law and White House advisor Jared Kushner, a January 31 campaign finance disclosure form shows.

The filings, first reported on by ABC News, reveal that the firm Winston & Strawn LLP received two payments in December of 2018 $55,330 and $42,574 each.

"Sources familiar with the matter told ABC that Abbe Lowell, an attorney at the firm who represents both Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump, was the recipient of the payments.

Campaign finance regulations permit the use of campaign funds for legal services, so long as they are properly disclosed as campaign expenditures."


As I said, we shall see what SDNY says about this.


Lol why does ultra wealthy Jared Kushner need campaign money to pay lawyers?


Why pay for something yourself when you can get suckers to pay for you.


Why is this even an issue? The only reason he’s in need of these attorneys is his association with the campaign and the administration.

How then is that not a legitimate expense for the campaign?


Excellent point! They will no doubt ignore this most intelligent reply in the thread.


Let’s assume Kushner has done nothing wrong, and sweet Jesus if you’re gonna cling to that oh my god I pity you, I’m fine with him having legal fees paid by people trying to MAGA. But if he is found to have broken the law, that money should go back. Because those are his crimes.


I am sure that countless previous campaigns have done tons of illegal or quasi illegal stuff to increase the wealth of those connected. however the audacity of the Trump campaign is breathtaking but even more breathtaking is the stupidty of the many Trump supporters who will continue to explain away the campaigns actions.

I cannot understand the blind loyalty Trump supporters show him. Of course i vote for politicians and have my preferred candidates but that doesnt mean i swear allegiance to them till the end of my days.


Bush was the last president that I voted for. While I supported him overall, there were a lot of things I criticized him for. Reckless spending, the Patriot Act, the DHS, and other errors - there was plenty I thought he did wrong.


What evidence is there that he’s committed any crime?


He has absolutely not been charged for any crime. Yet. Which is the point. So long as he didn’t commit a crime, MAGA funds seen legitimate. If he tore a mattress tag though…


Then why did you write this?

Let’s assume Kushner has done nothing wrong, and sweet Jesus if you’re gonna cling to that oh my god I pity you,

You seem convinced he’s guilty yet you can’t even cite any evidence to support that belief, yet you criticize those who would even ask.

Makes perfect sense.


Hey Wildrose. Good to talk to you. Based on what we know of what Mueller knows, Kushner is probably going down. Everyone around Trump has been lying. I really doubt Mueller doesnt have the Kushner boy not lying as well.


My sig on the old board was “trump’s is the most corrupt administration ever”. I called it way back when.


If the services being paid for are related to campaign activities…

… … … … … I’m not sure what the problem is.

… … … … … … … … If people want to donate to the Trump campaign and that money gets used to pay legal fees related to the campaign, so be it.
(Remember, watch what you are outraged about. The more money spent on legal fees, the less money President Dennison will have for reelection. That’s a win.)



I still maintain Kushner is the rat. He’s the only one that knows how horrible federal prison really is.


Well, also the adderol.


It took a whole 15 posts before you went “But Fusion GPS!”

You’re slipping.


Why did Jared need legal help during the campaign and why didn’t that legal help secure his security clearance without override status? As to spending campaign funds on his legal fees, you pay for what you get.


You have no idea what Mueller may or may not know on the subject.