Trump campaign paid legal fees for Jared Kushner


“Like many Trump campaign insiders, Kushner has required legal guidance as he has attempted to navigate the special counsel and congressional investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Kushner has not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing.”

I don’t see the problem. Legal expenses related to campaign work.


Me neither. Trump supporter’s hard earned cash going towards keeping a bunch of extremely wealthy people out of jail is exactly what I expected.


Good. Then you are not worried about all the money you gave to the Trump campaign.

BTW, what do you think “Kushner has not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing” means?


The forgotten millionaires and billionaires in the US just can’t catch a break.


I didn’t donate to the Trump campaign but I do feel bad for those poor individuals that did.


I know you do.


How long before it comes out that all these lawyers have been long time “Friends of Trump” and they are billing hand over fist to help the crappy family get their hands on the “low dollar donations”?


Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.


You’re not until you are.


It’s sad to see the hard working men and women if the nation having to pitch in to protect a young but extremely wealthy man from his own actions.

I want Kushner to pass his hat around at the next Trump rally.


Its a legitimate expense. Dems and other Trump haters in power have spent over two years trying to prove a Trump/Russia collusion that was fabricated.
If you are gong to have people incur legal expenses just for becoming targets for joining the campaign, they are going to have to be repaid for those. Otherwise, the democratic system is harmed by using the legal system to force people to stay out of politics.
Write the FEC if you think it is unfair.


I wonder how many posters here who donated to Trump are upset their dollars went to something besides the campaign.

Probably zero.


I don’t feel sorry for the people who donated at all.

Not my problem they are getting duped.

I hope they donate more.


I bet SDNY won’t think it’s a legitimate expense.


That would be less money for them to donate to the next con man, should (heaven help us) he / she be even worse of a con man than Donald Trump.


If the legal expenses came out of the campaign and didn’t involve illegal activity on Kushner’s part, they will.


That would be a no


The good news is I think we will see what SDNY thinks about this.

And since I don’t want to forget this conversation, I’ll just take a screen shot of it.


I don’t. They were stupid enough to donate money to a billionaire con man, I don’t feel bad at all for them.


You would think legal fees qould come out of their own pocket…not hard working americans…

Haha they got suckered