Trump campaign paid legal fees for Jared Kushner


There were 2 payments that came from the Trump campaign to pay Winston & Strawn, LLP a total of $100,000 in legal fees for Kushner. Apparently, the $1.7 million in income that Kushner earned in 2015 wasn’t enough to pay these bills, so hey - let’s take it out of campaign funds. Got to love the ethics here.

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Grifters gotta grift. Why spend their own money when they can spend the money of the marks that freely give them their hard earned money?


Gawd, literally taking all those low dollar contributions to the campaign to pay the wealthy son in law’s personal legal fees.

I can’t stop laughing.


Where is all this money coming from?


Yep - Trump probably saw the OPM as a government agency, and though it meant “other people’s money.”



Yessir. It was how he was raised, to be scum who scams people out of money, and how he raised his kids to be as well. And looks like his kids also married people who share the same lack of ethics.


If libz would just stop harassing our great president and his family then they wouldn’t have had to use the campaign funds.


Do these people do anything legally? Anything?


Trump crime family rolls on.


Does sleeping count?


They have illegals count sheep for them.


Trump don’t sleep much. Probably because he doesn’t feel comfortable doing anything legal for too long.


I think it’s time to invest in infrastructure week again.


That was good!


Who knew Trump was basically Ol’ Dirty Bastard? Even when he can do it right he prefers to do it the wrong way.


Conman gonna con.


Nobody knows more about campaign finance.


And it wasn’t even to pay a British spy to get information from the Russians. …what ethics!


I hope he’s well represented. Hate for him to wind up like his father.


So he takes these"low dollar donations", less than $200, from The Forgotten Men, and shovels them to his ultra-wealthy Jr.-in-law for personal legal fees.