Trump Campaign Files Charges Against Omarosa for Violating NDA

Plot twists abound! I can’t wait for Discovery.

This whole situation is just embarrasing. Trump only hires the best!

What a sloppy article. “Charges”? If true, it would be filed suit, not charges. And if true, it will be a long wait for discovery as its arbitration not a court.

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Embarrassing for who?


They’re filing for arbitration.

Examiner is the only one reporting it at the moment.

Is their editor a second grader or what? Or maybe previously employed at the National Enquirer?

For everyone involved, and for America in general.

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Embarrassing for the nation and anyone who claims to love their country. We are being run by a clown show circus and it is despicable.


So you personally are embarrassed. I’m not sure how your personal feelings towards Trump translates to other Americans.

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You are but one individual. You can speak only for yourself, not America in general.

I would love for them to really try and enforce it.

Wait a minute… How does the Trump Campaign have standing regarding an NDA she is alleged to have signed while working for the administration?

Are you implying that NDA’s in general aren’t worth the paper they are written on, or is it only Trump NDA’s you are questioning?

AP just confirmed it. Let’s get this party started!

It’s the Washington Examiner. Are you under the impression that that is a professional journalism outfit? It isn’t.

NDA’s in general.

Trump wants to use government violence to shut her up.

I’m embarrassed for all Americans that this is what we have representing our nation on the global stage. Anyone who loves this nation should be equally embarrassed.


My thought too.