Trump campaign dupes people into appearing in videos

Trump’s HUD head (who had no experience with housing before being appointed to HUD) arranged for 4 people to talk on camera about their housing situation. None of the 4 were Trump supporters and none of them knew their interviews were going to be edited together for a Trump campaign video.

It could be true. It could also be true they are scared now and are saying it to keep the leftist mobs away.


Their safety was greatly compromised for what they said. They probably need to quickly get it out there that they don’t support Trump. Did you see what happened to Vernon Jones after his speech at the RNC? That crowd wanted to hurt him badly.


Somehow I’m not the least bit surprised at this news. I’m glad they’re telling everyone what really happened

Trump, using the wheels of government for his own personal benefit.


People used as props to make white GOP voters feel better about voting for trump.


Then the Trump campaign will be able to produce the waivers they had them sign.


A fourth resident said she was fully aware of the purpose of the interview she gave, and the Trump official who conducted it said she was upfront with the tenants who appeared on video at the convention.

What waiver?

To use their face in a video

W/o one, you get sued.

There’s no waiver required for an interview.

“We’re from XYZ and we’d like to interview you.”



No you won’t. If you don’t want to be interviewed, you walk away or close the door.

I’ve done it several times.

It’s the broadcast part that requires a waiver.

Nope. If you agree to it they can do anything they want to with it.

If you can’t prove they agreed - which is the point of the waiver - you get sued.

You are literally describing a waiver.

So it should be easy for them to produce the waivers.


Nope. They sat down in the chair. That is agreement. If you participate in an interview you agreed.

You ever see on the news they try to pin some crook coming out of his office to get a comment, you think he agreed? He hides his face and keeps saying “No comment”. Yet there he is.

There is no waiver required and as soon as they pack up that camera, they can edit, show where ever they want, etc. They own it.

No I am not. There is no waiver required if you agree to be interviewed.

For broadcast? You are wrong.

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