Trump calls off ICE raids

maybe he decided that even more kids in cages is bad optics…

Guy is an empty suit


Did somebody finally have the guts to tell him that it was virtually impossible to deport on the scope that he was talking about?

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Cue “oh you’re for the raids now?!”


I guess the invasion wasn’t really an emergency.

Somebody is painting a picture of a different trump for 2020. Don’t fall for it.

Eleven Dimensional Thinking. Donald Trump is winning yet again. He knew that by announcing raids he could effectively remove the need to actually conduct the raids. Mexicans are self deporting en masse. This has never happened before. The numbers aren’t out yet, but people are saying that more central Americans are returning to their own countries willingly than are showing up at the border. People are willing to walk thousands of miles to return to their home country because Donald Trump’s immigration policies are working so well. Pretty soon we’ll have so few immigrants in the country that we’ll have to import them to work at hotels and other industries. If that happens we’ll do it legally.


They took him to Camp David and read him the riot act.

I am sure Ann Coulter will be thrilled

Ok who can’t laugh at this dumb idiot backing down on ■■■■ like this? :rofl:

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Toddlers are dying in our care and custody.

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Oh look, another pledge he made that turned out to be ■■■■■■■■■

I know, let’s pretend he’s this great deal-maker and loyally defend him.

It would appear that my skepticism in the prior thread was warranted.

To the surprise of no one except Trumpers…