Trump calls for Russia to be reinstated to G7

Seriously, they aren’t even hiding it anymore. But I’m sure there’s no proof of collusion. For Gods sake.

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No one has been tougher on Russia than Trump. Ever! That’s the line he feeds his followers right?


Donald Chamberlain.

Yep, not even hiding it.

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Russia doesn’t even crack the top 10 on any list.

While Trump is hoping for G8 that includes Putin, the rest of them are ready to boot Trump to become the G6.

Why is Trump such an open advocate of Russia?

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There is absolutely no one - I repeat, no one - tougher on Russia than Putin’s buddy Trump … errr, I mean … well, never mind…


Meanwhile he is Twitter raging against Canada and France.

None of the news surprises me anymore. We have an idiot for a president and we just have to wait it out till a sane person takes office. We just have to hope that the deplorables can’t repeat what they did in 2016.


Russia is way down at 11.

Hell Canada is even ahead of Russia.

Just call it the G11.


Next up: shuffling feet from GOP Congressmen. “Erm, ah, well, you see…gotta run!”


Of course he did.

Putin: kneel my apprentice
45: What is your bidding, my master

Putin hates America, why is 45 so pressed to be friends with the Russians. All Putin want is to see us burn.

Maybe trump should just pull out of the G7 and start a new one with Russia. G2. Then he could vacay and snuggle with Pootie Poots as much as he wants without fear of judgment.


what does it cost us to recommend reinstatement?

Allies angry with us.
National embarrassment.

we lead… not follow what our allies want.

I’m not embarrassed by it. It cost us nothing. It makes no agreement or concession. It says “Your time-out is over. Behave now.”

Why should we advocate for a rouge, authoritarian state who has tried to meddle in our electoral process?

I would kick us out too if I were one of the other 6.

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