Trump calls for another round of tax cuts, further reductions to corporate tax

He’s a good man.

let’s see how many (previous) national debt guys post in this thread.

“One of the things we’re thinking about” = Trump calls for another round of tax cuts?

Another example of fake news being fed to sheeple who are swallowing it like the OP.

yeah, i know…

“One of the things we’re thinking about is bringing the 21 percent down to 20 and for the most part, the rest of it will go right to the middle class,” Trump said. “It’s a great stimulus.”

Trump said the tax plan would be ready by October, “maybe a little sooner than that.”

Whom did he call…you?

Why aren’t you happy?

You don’t approve?

…cuz it bothers me to see people like you, infected with TDS, “evolving” into mere sheeple.

dude. rejoice. more tax cuts are coming.

now, you previously complained at length about our national debt. you gonna continue to remain silent about that?

I want time to reveal the full extent…good or bad…of the tax cuts. If it was great, cutting them again is ez.

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Good I hope more tax cuts do come. About time us middle class people are allowed to keep more of our money.

When it comes to debt I doubt most politicians don’t want to talk about true debt reform as in spending cuts

what are you talking about? republicans have been calling for deep tax cuts seemingly forever. Rush and Fox have begged for them. why in the world would they turn out bad??

you should start a debt thread (like republicans did here a lot during Obama) to raise awareness of the issue.

In my personal life, I take baby steps. Then I look left, right, up, down, forward, backward…almost spherically…and then…and only then…do I decide whether or not my step was in the right direction. When dealing with trillions, I certainly would not do it any other way. IOW…I am a true conservative.

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Maybe create a poll asking if everyone is ok with more tax cuts?

If the tax cuts worked, I’d rather they just make the last one permanent instead of another cut just for corporations. Looks like we’re getting screwed again so the billionaires can be trillionaires instead.

Which is why they’re considering more corporate tax cuts.

Shows you who the GOP and conservatives really care about.

Many corporations gave bonuses to their employees. Tax cuts seem to benefit those that work for a check.