Trump called Dean a 'RAT"

Very telling from the sociopath in the White House. Dean was a RAT because didn’t continue to cover criminal activities of a President?

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This is the way Trump operates it is all about him, everything else be dammed he carries a mobster like mentality that anyone that does not carry this “quality” of absolute loyalty to the boss is a “RAT”

Associates don’t rat on you unless you’ve done illegal things.

Ummm… the rat metaphor has several meanings.

For example … rats running from a sinking ship.

I don’t meant to be critical of your liberal education young slim but so happens I was there. I saw it ALL on a year or two old color TV…my first. Saw Dean chattering away. And guess what? It still strikes this one today, lo all those long years later that Dean WAS A RAT. He was ratty then…even as I in my youth supported his rattiness. A rat.

An since you reminded me. The thing that was done in the Watergate hearings that I have not seen since is that there was basically ONE guy asking most of the questions… None of this dog and pony show congressional hearing showboating that we have been subjected to ever since.

I dream…I salivate at the notion of a Watergate style hearing, bringing in all the liars and cheaters from the Obama regime starting with his infernal majesty Obama himself, followed by Grandmother, and ending up with the cast of rogue characters from State and the feeble FBI.

Bring 'em in and let ONE guy pound them with questions.

Worked for Nixon…it will work for the rotten list of collusional scheming treasonous Obama characters as well.

Why do you say he was a rat?

How does that relate to your wrong assumption about my education?

Yeah, he’s clearly saying McGahn isn’t a snitch like Dean was.

Unless you’re saying he’s calling his own administration a sinking ship.

You are probably right, brother.

I was there, too. I watched those hearings. And Dean was one of the few honorable men in the Nixon Admin. And there weren’t a lot of those. The big RAT is currently in the White House.

Was Dean a snitch?

Uh of course he was.

Do you think Dean was right to have done so?

He Told Nixon he was going to testify.

“Right”? Irrelevant. Obligated? Probably. I don’t know a whole lot about the duties of White House Counsel.

I know. That doesn’t change anything.

You’re right. He finally told the truth. In the sociopath’s eyes that makes him a rat.

What’d Tommy do to you?

“Right”? Irrelevant. Obligated? Probably. I don’t know a whole lot about the duties of White House Counsel.

So you don’t distinguish between right and wrong, just what is ‘‘obligated’’.