Trump budget to include $100M for Ivanka's women's fund

Translation: 100 million dollars to Ivanka’s pocket. How in the hell is this person still in the WH? what exactly does she do in the there?

President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget proposal will include $100 million for a global women’s fund spearheaded by his daughter Ivanka Trump.

The White House said the budget, expected to be released Monday, will include the funding for the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. The administration last month launched the government-wide project, which she leads.

Thankfully the trumps have no history of misusing fumds they are entrusted with…

No nepotism here - everyone just move on.

They already have spent 50 million, this is another 100 million.

But I am sure you have already been informed of Trumps huge impact on: “Working towards our goal of economically empowering 50 million women in developing countries by 2025.”

There is no chance this money is being misused with such a focused goal of “economically empowering 50 million women” and all that accountability.

Women’s Global Initiative!?!?

What happened to MAGA and America First?

Why is my money going to women in ■■■■ hole countries?

"In a statement to The Associated Press, Ivanka Trump noted that Friday was International Women’s Day and stressed the initiative was “working towards our goal of economically empowering 50 million women in developing countries by 2025.” She says the budget includes “a new $100 million commitment” for the fund.

The new initiative involves the State Department, the National Security Council and other agencies, as it aims to coordinate current programs and develop new ones to help women in areas such as job training, financial support and legal or regulatory reforms."

The bastards.
Impeach now.

All genders matter.

Yeah…hopefully she’ll stay out of Haitii.

I don’t get the worship status these people are recieving from so-called conservatives.

I see that the initiative appears to benefit women outside the continental US more so than with in. I’d rather fix the problems here at home first, before those around the world.

Would be intetesting to see how that money will be spent.