Trump bringing back troops from Syria to defend the southern border

No funding for the wall by politicians. Save more than 5 billion by bringing troops out of Syria. No excuse for withholding 5 billiion, and troops are then available as a back-up defense.

Dude… seriously…

Triggered leftist?

So 2,000 soldiers is the new wall? Cool. Is Mexico going to pay for Taco Bell for these guys?

Sergey Kirov?

The first political stunt with troops on the border worked so well that it only makes sense to have a sequel.


How much is it costing to keep troops in Syria? How much to build the wall? Logic?

How much does it cost to equate 2,000 troops to a 1,000+ mile wall. Is it 45,867 brain cells, give or take?



2,000 Soldiers cooking food and shoveling horse ■■■■■

Please have the patience to wait and see whether Putin allows Donald to do this. Until he gives approval nothing is happening.

does trump think because he is bring the troop back to the U.S that he can somehow spend that money on a non military operation? can someone please explain basic government funding to this clown.

they tried, he ate the yellow highlighters during the presentation because he thought they were freedom fries


The crazy part is that the same libs who say that we need to cut military spending are throwing a fit about us leaving Syria. Do they think that Syria was done for free?


My issue is him doing this without talking with the DOD or allies on the ground France, UK, Canada.

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The pentagon has already previously explained that they do not take orders by tweet.

Good point in this tweet. If Russia approves of your foreign policy, something’s wrong.

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Do you not think that national security includes border security?

And you know this how?

That’s as stupid as the Democrat dicum that if it is being done by Trump it must be wrong.