Trump Breaking New Records!


With full employment and no financial crisis, Trump and the GOP are hitting all time records with debt ceiling. Also 2019 $1trullion deficits.

Make America great again

Here comes the Tea Party!

Feet will be held to the fire!

TEA rallies any day now.

Actually… with the House in Dem control you know that deficits are going to be a thing again.

Government shut down over debt ceiling?

This little gem came out last year! +1,000,000,000,000


Look dems blaming a guy who’s only been there 2 years for a problem that has been predicted for decades…LOL! Dems always pretend the world started yesterday, or perhaps that’s as far as their memory goes…

I’m sure the house will have proposals to fix the deficit, which has been predicted to rise for decades… I know Paul Ryan had a plan. What’s Nancy’s?

We all know Yellen, want’s cuts in retirement spending and tax increases.

I’m not expecting any cuts in spending next year, with the dems running the house, even if the repubs picked up a few seats in the Senate. So you will have a whole other year or two more to complain about Trump’s deficit spending

^^^^^ Told ya Dems are going to get the blame^^^^

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Paul Ryan’s plan was very simple.

Cut taxes on the rich.

Cut social security and Medicare to balance the books.

He got half of that done.

Also Yellin isn’t saying that she wants cuts in retirement spending… she says that is what is going to happen on this completely avoidable unsustainable fiscal path that we are on.

I’m just pointing out the truth. If the dems did want to cut federal entitlement spending, and reduce the federal programs and wasteful, duplicate spending, i’m sure Trump would sign such a bipartisan bill as it came across his desk.

Do you think such a bill will ever come down from the Democratic Party controlled House?

Don’t worry, all of those tax cuts will lead to so much economic growth, the debt will be eliminated by the end of Trump’s second term. No need to do anything else.

Now that the Democrats control the House, Tea Partiers will once more recognize the gravity of the situation and rise up to march on DC and save our children’s and grandchildren’s piggy banks.

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He’s just printing the money he needs to do the things he wants to do. He thinks that’s ok.

Remember back in 2014 when Obama and the Dems put Chained CPI on the table as a good faith effort only to have the GOP controlled Congress to tell them to pound sand and then in the tax overhaul Chained CPI shows up in that bill?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

The GOP controller Congress did nearly every thing that they could to not share a bit of power and now the CEC and it’s minions are saying with a straight face that the Dems are going to nothing but obstruct and how bad that will be.

The sad thing is that it will work on the intended audience.

Lol cons are so full of â– â– â– â– 

Hahaha ya and Obama Inherits 800,000 jobs being lost a month and a $1.3trillion deficit. Cut the deficit by more than half. Longest sustained job growth in history. Then you guys in TWO years at FULL EMPLOYMENT, double the deficit!!! Hilarious.

It will be ok. I have no doubt Sanders will be elected in 2020 and will clamp down on government spending reducing the national debt.

FINALLY! We have some responsible people running the show. God Bless the Republican party and all of their dimwit, er, I mean conservative supporters.

I think you need to see the below at least one more time.