Trump: "Bomb stuff happens and the (Republican) momentum greatly slows"

It’s not a political comment or anything. Even though he talks about votes. And even though he talks about politicians running for office. And even though he talks about the bombs slowing the momentum of Republicans trying to win office. It’s not really political though.

This man is not a leader of all of America. He can’t even get it right during a terrorist attack like this. He sounds just like Alex Jones.

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Is he trying to say that the bombs are a conspiracy?

It sure as hell looks like it.

Has fat donald mentioned that these were terrorist attacks?

Doesn’t anyone find it suspicious that these “bombs” started happening right when republicans were gaining in the polls?

Our President supports the “false flag” theory. Which, honestly, could be true. But for him to say that now, is pretty ridiculous.

Gotta love Trump and Trumpster logic:

Bombs target Dems/Libs: “Just a false flag operation to slow Republican momentum and stop the MAGA train!!! It’s CNN and the Dems fault!!!”

If bombs were targeting GOP: “Whacko leftists and their mob are attacking American Patriots. Obama, CNN, and Deep State and every single Dem are at fault!!”

Looks like this will be the narrative going forward.

Yeah, he could be correct. Jumping the gun like this is not what presidents should be doing.

Now, he’s really not a president. He’s a business person/con man trying to make a bunch of Jack.

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I am going to start a competing theory that it was Trump who orchestrated this false flag so Dems and the press can get outraged about the President calling it a false flag.

All to own the libs.


Which as worked for him so far. Why stop now?

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You need to view Trump’s words through the prism of the narcissist…no matter what happens, it’s viewed as either affecting HIM positively or negatively. He needs to slant the narrative in a way that’s favorable to him, regardless of the objective reality.

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Perhaps Trump could suggest a more convenient week for the terrorist to have sent these bombs? He should just straight out ask the terrorist to wait until after the midterms.

Fake can, fake stickers

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Trump admin does great job stopping Bomber. Story over…

Yeah. Story over.

We just got hit by a terrorist attack from a man who attends Donald Trump rallies where Donald Trump says he will pay for medical bills. Definitely story over.

That’s just too funny. This story won’t be over for 20 years. Heck, even if this guy turns out to be a Democrat.