Trump blocks ambassador from testifying

trump blocked the EU ambassador Gordon Sondland from testifying in a closed door hearing.
i expect the house to quickly subpoena him. and i expect trump to tell him to ignore it.
which will become another impeachable offense for obstruction


Good question.

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There is an obvious and logical answer: the call was the antithesis of perfect.

Obstruction, impeachable? Man, who knew, we could have been rid of Obama so easily?


Um we knew back with nixon.

Did we? Why was Obama not convicted of obstruction when he blocked congressional testimony?

Was obama under an impeachment inquiry?

Nixon…article 3.
House can impeach for whatever reason they want…

Is Trump? When was the house vote to open one? I missed it.

Oh good this dumb argument. They dont have to take a vote…



Why was Obama not impeached and convicted… well for starters because Darrell Issa is an incompetent hack, but more importantly because Issa was conducting a fishing expedition into advice given to the President that was easily defended as being privileged. Where was the Whistleblower complaint that gave the House reason to open up an investigation?

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They do if they want the courts to approve their subpoena’s that otherwise have no legislative purpose.

FYI, Sondland is not a career diplomat. He donated $1M to Trump’s 2016 campaign and was rewarded with an Ambassadorship.

To be fair, it is a common practice in both parties to reward large donors with Ambassadorships to nice locations where there is relatively little diplomacy to do. I am not bringing this up to criticize Trump for following the practice, only to point out that Sondland is a partisan, not a professional diplomat

They dont need that either…

You listen to the Hannity forum legal experts, don’t ya? Bad move.

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Two of the GOPs finest right here.


It seems people keep confusing “impeachment process” with “impeachment.” The “impeachment process” includes the investigation leading up to impeachment. An investigation is typically performed by the House Judiciary Committee. This was largely skipped in the case of Clinton because they used the Starr report instead.

Nixon’s impeachment inquiry began on October 30, 1973 without a full House vote. A full House vote just on the inquiry was not performed until February 6, 1974. The formal impeachment hearings began in May. Information, hearings and subpoenas were served during this entire times period. Nixon resigned before a House impeachment vote ever occurred.

“Impeachment” is when the House votes to approve the articles of impeachment which were drafted during the impeachment inquiry.

There is no formal vote needed to start the impeachment process. The impeachment process is a protected power of Congress by the Constitution.


Remember when you acted like you were for impeachment?


Oh I dont think they are confused…its just a weak attempt to take this out at the knees

This should be a sticky for all the ignorants (including myself) that don’t seem to understand what an impeachment inquiry is.

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What exactly is an inquiry without a vote…Nothing you can subpoena…especially from Schiffs wing of usurpers.

Have at it.