Trump blocking contractor back pay in gov't funding deal, lawmaker says

Fat donald continuing his lifelong tradition of not paying contractors for their work. Let these contractors eat cake!

“I’ve been told the president won’t sign that,” Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., told reporters Wednesday. He added, “I guess federal contractors are different in his view than federal employees."

Trump skipping on paying the help? I’m shocked, I tell you - SHOCKED!!

Ok, not really.

From your article:

A number of Republicans have pointed to precedent, however, saying they have never given back pay to contractors after previous shutdowns.

They havn’t been paid in previous shut down’s, so why this one now?

Cornyn shot back: “Ms. Pelosi and Sen. Schumer should have thought about this and other collateral damage when they initially refused to negotiate on border security, something they are apparently now willing to do.”

Dem’s should have know that they havn’t been paid in the past. It shouldn’t be part of the funding plan before congress right now. Should have been part of the bill passed that paid furlowed (those not required to show up for work) workers.

When people hear “government contractor”, the instinct is to imagine the CEO of Boeing, or scientists at Area 51 making secret fighter jets.

But since the Reagan era, with the expansion of privatization, the $12 an hour janitor at the OMB headquarters is a “federal contractor”. So is the guy mowing the lawn at Marine Barracks, the guy emptying the trash cans at the Grand Canyon, and the guy filling potholes on I-95.

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You don’t pay contractors for no work… Obviously…