Trump Blasts Fox News, Chris Wallace in Twitter Thread: Moving to the 'Losing

I see his dementia is really getting bad… Now he is attacking Chris Wallace. He is probably the most respected journalist at Fox. Bravo divider in chief bravo

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We have a president who is whining about a network that he thinks belongs to him. Where are all those posts about Obama having the media in his pocket?

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So presidential. That Chris Wallace is a lib anyway. Fox News should just have Fox and Friends 24 hours a day.

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those tweets are just pathetic. Actually pathetic, it’s sad.

Obese Donald fans will rally round the dementia pole and condemn Chris.

Isn’t what Obese Donald doing in essence attempting, via the “Bully Pulpit”, to abridge Chris Wallace’s free speech?

I think old Obese Donald has taken that whole “Bully Pulpit” notion way too seriously and mistakenly.

Reporting from the “comfy couch” 24/7…Edward R. Murrow just did a pinwheel spin in his grave!



It is going to be fun watching those three political hacks when Trump is exposed for the crook that he is.

In the same tweet stream where he called Pete Buttigieg “Alfred E Newman”.
In case anyone didn’t know it’s “Alfred E Neuman”.
But for crying out loud, this is the President of the United States of America.


A siting president complaining about the choice of guest a news organization has…this is fine and normal


Just another day in trump paradise.

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One could say “so called”.


Can’t blame the man. It has got to be excruciatingly boring sitting around the Oval Office all day with nothing to do since he has already fulfilled all of his campaign promises and then some.

The poor man needs some form of distraction from the tedium,


It’s amazing what is accepted as perfectly normal now, isn’t it?

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Well yeah. America never had it so good!

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