Trump blasts drugmakers, middlemen for high U.S. drug prices

“U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday blasted drugmakers and healthcare “middlemen” for making prescription drugs unaffordable for Americans, but healthcare stocks rose as it became clear the administration had avoided taking aggressive and direct measures to cut drug prices.”

OK, how many funny things do we have here? Donald Trump complaining about other people charging high prices is one. Donald Trump complaining about people making money without producing things is another. Donald Trump being in the Bernie Sanders camp is yet another. What else?

What a joke that was. Just another empty set of promises that will amount to nothing but camera ops for Trump.

LOL at him making other countries pay more than they are paying. And LOL at him thinking other countries paying more would reduce the cost drug makers are charging here.

What a dolt he is.

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The one area that would have actually had an impact, he avoided altogether. Allowing Medicare to negotiate prices. :man_facepalming:

And the result, as noted in the OP, is the drug company stocks surged. Well, I guess spending $280,000,000 per year lobbying, more than any other sector, paid off for the drug manufactures.

Total for Pharmaceuticals/Health Products: $279,572,483
Total Number of Clients Reported: 407
Total Number of Lobbyists Reported: 1,488
Total Number of Revolvers: 952 (64.0%)

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I’d be happy if I could just be “allowed” to grow my own medicine, like my neighbors in other States that get to have that right.


Yeah. It was ■■■■■■■■. I care more about access to affordable insurance premiums which you need before you even get to pharma prices.

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Where do you live? I mean, it’s decriminalized here in Ohio.

It’s decriminalized here in Missouri for amounts under 10 grams, so a couple joints here and there is all good. The state House of Representin’ just passed a medical cannabis bill and it is now headed for the Senate.

We’re making very slow progress, but getting there nonetheless.

More than the NRA? How can that be?

Magnitudes more. How can it be? There is a lot of money in anti-paranoia medicines during these dark days. :wink:

Well, at the end of your article it says Pharma co. Novartis paid $1.2 million to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. So it’s kind of funny how they got their $$$$ worth.

So Dump just took an opportunity to hold a campaign rally today, bellyaching about things as usual, but doing nothing. Can anyone see anything here that will lower drug costs?

I was told the NRA bought all the politicians and runs the Centgov.

I mean, WTH? Does the idiot know his personal lawyer has been selling influence? Is he in on it? Did he direct Cohen to take in cash like that? What is going on?

What would you do as President Lucy?

About my personal lawyer taking in millions of $$$ because he has access to me?

Drug prices. Policy, not personality.

I’d say don’t believe everything you hear and look for yourself what the truth is.

But we both know you know that and are making a point. So…:man_shrugging:

My point is hoplophobes are full of horse hockey.