Trump blames Russia probe on Jeff Sessions

The POTUS acting like a child again, when is this going to end and why doesn’t he just fire Sessions? So many lives ruined? Lol!

The Russian Witch Hunt Hoax continues, all because Jeff Sessions didn’t tell me he was going to recuse himself,” Trump tweeted. “I would have quickly picked someone else. So much time and money wasted, so many lives ruined … and Sessions knew better than most that there was No Collusion!”

He is such a spineless coward. Clearly lacks the cajones to just fire Sessions and is trying to bully him into resigning from behind Twitter.

Even more laughable is blaming Sessions for his campaigns’s snuggling with the Russians.

Why anyone voluntarily associates with trump at this point is beyond me Sessions was one of his earliest and staunchest suppprters and this is how Trump treats him.

I don’t know how these trumplitards can’t see that loyalty is always a one way street for trump. Always. He’s a feckless.

The orange pile of dung has been throwing this guy under the bus since he recused himself. Why hasn’t he fired Sessions yet? What’s the holdup?

Trump is acting in the best interests of the people. I don’t know what’s on Sessions mind. Who is he serving anyway?

Why hasn’t the orange maniac fired him yet? What’s the holdup?

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Well, Sessions accepted the nomination to AG, and one of his first official acts was to recuse himself, from a counter intel investigation. Remember, it was not a criminal investigation at that point. A simple, “oh by the way, I’ll have to recuse myself,” was definitely in order, if he were a man of integrity.

The dumb ass should have turned down the appointment, if he knew he would have to recuse himself. It’s like hiring a chef, when the chef knew he could not prepare any menu with meat in it.

The chef is not cooking anything, so why doesn’t he fire the chef?

Stop blaming Sessions for honesty. Trump either needs to fire the guy or stop airing his grievances without acting. It’s cowardly.


Do you find it odd that, for a year or so, Trump has been complaining about Sessions, blaming him for ■■■■, asserting that he was a bad choice, humiliating him, etc., often indirectly on Twitter and in the media, but then does not fire him because–what?–he doesn’t have the courage to do so? Don’t well-adjusted, mature adults in positions of leadership have to behave better than this?

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He would be within his rights to do so, but don’t you think firing Comey and Sessions would make Trump look really bad? This is the freaking situation that dumb 'tard Session put Trump into.

IMHO, Sessions wanted the glory and honor of being the AG, but doing the job of the AG… not so much.

Sessions knew he wouldn’t have gotten the appointment if he were honest with Trump, and told him he’d have to recuse himself on anything associated with the president, or his campaign, or the Russians, or anything else the media was trying to claim was a conflict of interest.

It’s one of the weird ironies of Trump’s presidency and leadership style, given his blather and bluster: he shies away from mature, direct confrontation. It’s a bad quality for an adult to have, generally; it is inexcusable in a president.

You serious? Make trump look bad? Since when does he or any of his supporters give a ■■■■ about “looking bad”. Lol!

Look bad to who? Trump looks terrible to the people who dislike him; those who like him are going to love it if he fires Sessions. And in any case, isn’t that the wrong criteria for judging an attorney general: if Trump believes all the insulting and degrading ■■■■ that he’s said about Sessions over the last year, then just fire him. If he’s the wrong guy for the job, who cares how it looks?

I find it odd that an employee wouldn’t continue to let their boss bad mouth them to the world and continue working for them. Guess he must like being a sub.

I find it odd that an employer would continue to tolerate a horrible employee who isn’t doing their job, why not just fire the horrible employee?

It’s Trump, I don’t know what his motives are, or how he thinks his choices may affect his ability to be president.

Maybe Trump knew that with this Russia collusion stuff, there was no there, there, so he decided to not fire Sessions over it.

Maybe Trump gets upset because the investigation is going off track, and is looking into and indicting people for anything and everything else, except for collusion. Maybe Sessions is working on things behind the scene, that we are unaware of, and Trump is okay with Sessions continuing to do so. Possibly, all this tension between Trump and Sessions is just a smoke screen?

Like I said, I don’t know…

Trump doesn’t like Sessions, Sessions doesn’t like Trump. It seems like this is a perfect reflection of the 50% of couples who get divorced in this country. One of them just has to make the move but they take awhile getting there.

Then, the orange idiot should stop whining like a little bitch.

Like I said, it’s Trump, I don’t know what goes on in his head. Maybe this back and forth with Sessions is just a smoke screen, that the two men are in on, while Sessions does more important things in the background.

I also read somewhere that the senate told Trump they would not be taking up a knew AG appointment hearing, so if he fires Sessions, he’d be w/o a AG for a long while.

GOP senator warns Trump: Panel won’t take up attorney general nominee this year

So maybe that is why?