Trump believes another dictator

Being a weak cuckold is trumps foreign policy strategy and it is working out so well for him…


Thats the strategy he uses when negotiating on domestic issues and the trump worshippers cheer him for it…


That’s a good point: he generally shows more deference and civility to Kim and Putin than he does to either Republicans and Democrats that he negotiates with.

Also: Do you get the sense that the President came home because, with Cohen in the spotlight, Trump just couldn’t get the PR attention that he wanted?

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My button is bigger than your button.

This may well be true.

Do you really think Kim cares to be informed about the daily treatment of anyone in prison? That he lies awake in bed, fretting over the possible mistreatment of the nameless, faceless peons in his prisons???

People like Kim view themselves as above the little people, they sure as hell don’t concern themselves with their comfort.

Then what’s the point of doing a face-to-face summit if you’re not going to push your opponent. This is not something any other president has done. All this bluffing about “The Art of the Deal” meant nothing. What deal?

Apology tour Trump style.


The anti-Trump excuse is not only weak but also wrong. There are specific reasons for criticizing Trump being mentioned here. Why not talk about those than using that phony reason?

North Korea is a totalitarian state, not an authoritarian state. Warmbier was not a “nameless, faceless peo[n]”; he was an American citizen and Kim most certainly knew exactly what happened to him and why. That we’re even discussing this is ridiculous.


So, during a negotiation to denuclearize North Korea, the American president should publicly call the Supreme Leader of North Korea a liar, based upon what, exactly???

Based on the dead American he shipped back to us.


Ambassador Bill Richardson was just on MSNBC saying there’s absolutely no way that Kim would not have known about a high-profile prisoner like Otto. So that “little people” excuse is nothing.

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More like Kim could have given a crap how any person was treated in his prison. I’m assuming out of sight, out of mind, and Kim was too busy indulging himself to give a damn about some nameless faceless prisoner.

"I really believe something very bad happened to him, and I don’t think that the top leadership knew about it . . . (Kim Jong-Un) felt very badly about it . . . He tells me that he didn’t know about it, and I will take him at his word."

I’m sure Warmbier’s parents who were guests at the SOTU are really appreciative that fat donald takes a murderous dictator’s word over their son’s murder.



So Trump was supposed to blow up the negotiations by calling the leader of North Korea a liar, based upon assumptions by Richardson? You need more to go on to call the leader of a nation with nukes a liar, then just speculation.

I’m sure they would have been thrilled had Trump blown up their son’s negotiations for release, by calling Kim a liar. Their son would be dead, but they’d be cool with it, because at least trump called Kim a liar.

There is a middle ground of course between Trump’s words and your silly hypothetical polar opposite. For example, Trump simply stating that the matter was discussed, and then deadpan reporting Kim’s statement on the matter, without the idiotic, gratuitous endorsement of saying he belived it.

But Trump is incapable of anything nuanced, so we get … him.


Trump isn’t negotiating for their son’s release. :confused:

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It’s never stopped him when insulting our long-time allies. Face it. He has a bone for dictators. It’s just the kind of person he is.