Trump believes another dictator


Why does he do this? Why on earth can’t he say something negative about dictators? He is a very weak man.

He’s not weak. I think he truly admires Kim to the point that he will praise him regardless of what Kim does. He has shown it before. With Kim. Putin. Erdogan. Duterte. He certainly isn’t shy about insulting our allies. So no doubt it’s intentional. He simply wishes he could be that kind of authoritarian dictator.

Y’okay…trump never said anything bad about kim or other dictators.

What the actual ■■■■ are you people watching/listening to/reading??

Tell that to maduro btw. You know, bernie’s bro?

Hey now - he can’t go around criticizing the love of his life. They’ve already got a lover’s quarrel going on. He doesn’t want to make it worse.

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oh, i see now. Someone asked trump about it at a joint press conference with the two leaders, and trump passed on what kim has said to him about it. And instead of calling kim a liar before the eyes of the world, he said he’ll take him at his word.

Then whining sore losers spread it around the internet.

Everyone’s all, caught up now.

Do you take Kim on his word about Otto?

Whatever Trump says, his followers believe.

Trump believes Putin over DOJ? Trump followers agree. Putin > DOJ
Trump believes Kim? Trump followers agree. Kim > tortured and killed NKs

Absolutely not, but I’m free to say so because I’m not negotiating high level diplomacy.

I seriously doubt trump believes it either, but what good would it have done to say at that time? And it wouldn’t help any potential future prisoners there either.

Next time Trump talks to the press, if he doesn’t condemn Kim and the torturing and killing, then one would assume that Trump does believe Kim.


What is the point of putting up a false front? A leader at least gives a better reason and would have expressed a little more emotion than “I take him at his word.”

Same people who lost their ■■■■■■■ minds because Obama bowed to someone are now experts at nuanced high level diplomacy. :rofl::joy:


Yeah, we all know that high level diplomacy works best when you call someone a liar to their face in front of the whole world.

  1. This is why presidents should think very carefully before doing the actual negotiating with dictators personally. Had trump sent someone else to do the actual talking, he wouldn’t have to face these kinds of questions.

  2. Whats wrong with saying “I’m here to negotiate a nuke deal - what happened to Otto is terrible and of course a human rights violation, but in order to make this part of the world nuke free, I am willing to set that aside and speak to Kim - this concession should be noted by cahriman kim because it’s significant, and should be matched in kind by a pledge to protect our citizens in the future.”

Or whatever…?


Oh, and BTW, high level diplomacy doesn’t seem to work well when you kiss the ■■■■■■■ of the dictator either, as evidence by there being no deal here. Or anywhere really.

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Well, I’ll say one thing for him - that was an awesome deal he got from the way he handled the situation. Best. Deal. Ever.


Those who Trump takes at their word: Vladimir Putin, Mohammed bin Salman, Kim Jong Un

Those who Trump does not take at their word: Journalists, scientists, the intelligence community.

Let that sink in.



Glad you started thread on this. It’s like a ■■■■ -show within a ■■■■ -show within a ■■■■ -show.

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Best way to negotiate with someone is to humiliate them publicly.
What are these people thinking in order to just get their anti Trump in for today?

And this is the second thread today on this.

It seems like his default whenever he is negotiating with Democrats, or even Republicans, with which he disagrees with. Or do you think all of his childish nicknames and inane tweets were part of some tactic to win them over to his side?

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