Trump becomes the first president to attend a mma event

Trump is in the crowd for this weekend fights in NYC. Making him the first president to attend a mma event.

Trump has a history with the sport being of the main investors in the failed affliction promotion

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Does he ever do any work or does he just attend sporting events, tweets,watching tv or playing golf?


He did participate in a WWE Wrestlemania, after all. But he should get in the ring.

MMA fans just love Trump. :rofl:

(And Eric Trump is full of crap like his father.)

They were saying “boo-urns”

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Truly a historic moment by Donald Trump! No other President in the history of the United States has been man enough to attend a mma event. This is why people voted for Donald Trump. Thank you Mr. President for making America Great Again!


Obama had Secret Service agents and he never even thought about attending a mma event. What does that say about him?



Deflection noted.

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Oh I am certain JW will be demanding FOIA disclosure on Monday of how much this TOTALLY NEEDLESS JAUNT to New York cost the American Taxpayers?

You know like they did with President Barack Obama’s first Presidential Date Night for him and First Lady Michelle to New York for dinner and a play.

No doubt JW and other self described “unbiased” watchdog groups will be all over this making certain there was no political hanky panky involved in his going to watch idiots bash each other in a cage.


President Trump has done more work for the the country and the American people then the past 4 Presidents combined ever did. His policies even benefit his most vicious enemies and those that hurl nit picky insults incessantly.

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Apparently booing the President at sporting events has become vogue among the unwashed masses!
The media campaign that began within three hours of Prez Trump’s victory Nov 2016 has paid dividends no?

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Honestly, I’m having a hard time deciding if the crowd was chanting Trump’s name or if a few people were booing. The audio is ambiguous.

Regardless, it is simply amazing that Democrats think disrespecting the office of President like this is okay. Nobody treated Obama this way. It’s disgusting.


Couldn’t even buy mustard without wearing a bicycle helmet.


Not with a record 50 year unemployment rate that makes the prior Presidents look like sell outs!

Saving America from feminized sports and limp wristed lib past times. You know they don’t pass out participation trophies at MMA!

MakeAmericaGrappleAgain :ukraine:

Don’t worry, Trump’s budget deficit and foreign policy give him plenty of opportunity to be a sell out.

Nobody treated Obama this way even knowing he was the first black kkk coming from Rev. Wright church of hate.

Now that’s freaking disgusting.

Why did China give Trump a billion like Biden?

Trump and the UFC have a long, positive history with each other.

“When Donald Trump opened his Atlantic City casino to the struggling UFC, it was the start of an unlikely friendship between the current POTUS and UFC president Dana White.”