Trump Bashed at Meeting of Evangelical Leaders

A new trend? Hopefully some “Christians” will finally start seeing the light.

**"President Trump was reportedly bashed at an invite-only meeting of evangelical leaders, and some attendees are said to have walked out. **

The purpose of the meeting at Wheaton College (Ill.) was to discuss the evangelical movement, but quickly switched to bashing the president, with many concerned that the movement is too closely linked to Trump.

Jenna Browder, host of “Faith Nation” on the Christian Broadcasting Network said Thursday on “Fox & Friends” that some people actually walked out of the meeting when it turned political."

Exactly what “light” do you wish Christians to see? President Trump rates and upholds the First Amendment of Freedom of Religion quite (ahem) religiously. He is moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which is a solid indication he supports Judaism.

I can understand why Democrats do not view the current President favorably, but why, in your opinion, shouldn’t Christians as a whole view him favorably.

One can support Judaism and be against moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. The two are not mutually exclusive. One’s support of Judaism is not measured by where they want the US Embassy.

Probably because there’s not much to view favorably, from a Christian perspective. He doesn’t bear much fruit, if any at all.

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Since when is Zionism and Judaism synonymous?

The “light” I speak of is the realization that politics and religion don’t mix. Leave that ■■■■ out the door.

what exactly has he done to uphold the first for religious people?

The article does not elaborate as to how it became uncomfortably political. President Trump like Obama, will speak to a topic, then go off on a tangent to explain how it pertains to their agenda, and their politics. I think it’s because at their level, everything is seen and then discussed thru the prism of politics, and not everyone wants to hear that stuff.

The article doesn’t shed a lot of light onto how the conversation shifted, but given his history I can see how Donald might have tried to turn the event into a political rally talking about how amazingly amazing he is.

He wasn’t elected to be Christian…he was elected to be President. I am wondering why people think Christians should be complaining?

i’ve been waiting for Christians to call Trump out. they have no problem calling other presidents out.

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Maybe its that Christians do not approve of his adultery.

Again, what precisely do you want Christians to call President Trump out on? Example: Christians should call President Trump out on his Presidential policy/issue of _____________________.

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Sitting in the wrong church?

Christians don’t approve of adultery. People much closer to me than President Trump have fallen into that sin just as often/more often than he. Are people calling to reinstate stoning of adulterers? If so, Christians are cautioned that s/he who is without sin should throw the first stone–and I’m not it.

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It’s about time.

It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Everyone remembers the scorn thrown at Obama because people thought he was a scary “Muslim.”

Christians were the main ones throwing that around.

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President Obama said he was Christian. True, I don’t know about those who post on this forum, but no one in my real life thought President Obama was a secret Muslim.

I would be horribly disappointed in him if he were–and kept it secret. People should be proud to represent their religion. I know middle school students who are proud of their Muslim faith, and I would hope President Obama would be just as proud IF that were his chosen faith. He says he is Christian, and I’ll believe him over posters–even Hannity forum posters. :wink:

My girlfriend’s dad is still convinced he’s a secret Muslim conspiring against the United States.

Don’t get me wrong I get along with him (we share a similar interest in automobiles) but I learned really fast never to bring up politics with him.

He’s still a good dude, though. Just has some wacky political beliefs.

And yet… largely they don’t. Did you ever go “hmmmmm… maybe all those evangelicals know something I don’t. I wonder if I could be wrong” ?

You just do not know if he was Christian, Obama was very vocal and proud of his Muslim Faith experience. He said he was a Christian, but did not really attend church much and seemed very negative towards the Christian Religion.