Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


Well you sure do hide it well here!


So you don’t care if his actual policies hurt the people he said he cared about.

Because it will “toughen them up”?

So they dan be better worker bees without complaint?


we’ve gone from rescuing the Rust Belt to letting them die on the vine.

Trump is really good at conning people.


This is the same guy that said all the muslims he saw while in England were unhappy. He could tell by looking at their faces.


Just look at how many Brits or one time Brits we see on these boards over the years all over US politics and barely delving into the UK issues.

I say let them have their balloon protest and the response that follows.


What’s the problem?


Show me some happy gatherings.

It is a solemn and brooding constituency when the times are good and attention seeking acts of Jihadi human sacrifice when times are bad.


I am not crying collusion. I just notice that the US system invites global rhetorical participation.

You can even post FB memes.


I don’t think President Trump will miss the opportunity to turn the tables.


So long as he 1) nominates people who defer to the constitution and 2) he makes libs furious… he can con me all day long.


At least you’re honest that Trump’s supposed concern for the forgotten man is complete ■■■■■■■■.

I’ll give you that.


maybe he’s like Captain Obvious. just Captain Anecdotal.


He must have a pretty big basement to have all those Brits in it.


No, the Snowflake-in-Chief is just going to whine about what meanies the Brits are to him.


You’re right let them have their brief moment in the sun. :wink:


I think he said he was on a cruise. Maybe land too. He really has the pulse of those proper talkers.


It’s obvious he has ever been outside the US. It’s not possible given the bat ■■■■ crazy things he (and many others on this board like him) think life is like in these “socialist” countries.

He’s probably has never even left whatever flyover state he lives in.


I do find, with many people around me, that they don’t wander too far from home (but can tell you everything about everybody in the world). They’re just local Joes who mainly just know the local area.

Yet they know how to fix the ME.


I have no doubt Trump will have the last laugh over it.

The UK has bigger fish to fry. The people voted BREXIT and the politicians are getting cold feet and quitting every day over it. They should follow the vote, period.


So guilt by association is cool now? Good to know. Guess you’re guilty of gun banning and grabbing, and every extreme liberal position out there.