Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London





Well…it’s one more piece of evidence that puts to the lie the idea that Donald Trump cares about the little unforgotten guy.

But hey…if you think it’a morl to want to deliberately put millions of people into misery because you feel they’re “not tough enough”…that’s on you.


man, you gotta admit that Trump has done a masterful job conning the middle class/poor republicans. the people that he won’t even associate with because he’d consider them beneath him or trash.

it’s as if he’s been doing this stuff his entire life. it’s as if he knows that if can get people emotional he can con them. ponzi scheme dudes should watch and lean.

and they still haven’t caught on to his con.


So long as he 1) nominates people who defer to the constitution and 2) he makes libs furious… he can con me all day long.


that’s pretty much all you have left. it’s not like Trumpcare was ever actually a real thing. or reducing the national debt. or helping the Rust Belt. or locking Hillary up. or building a complete wall and having Mexico pay for it. or stopping the Time Warner merger. or building a safe zone for Syrian refugees. or not screwing with Social Security. or enacting term limits. or imposing the death penalty for cop killers. or investing $550 billion for infrastructure. or not screwing with medicade. or eliminating common core. or placing a lifetime ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for elections. or defunding planned parenthood. or opening up libel laws. or bringing back waterboarding. or guaranteeing 6-week paid leave. or changing the vaccination schedule for children. or allowing individuals to deduct health care insurance premiums from taxes.

con man knows how to con.


You got it! Those were THE two reasons I voted for him. Every time he insulted a lib, I toughened my hands and knees up so that I could crawl through broken glass to get to the polling booth if I had to.


hey, at least you’re honest about voting for a guy to troll other Americans. maybe you can vote for Kathy Griffin next time.


Could call it UK collusion and meddling in US mid-term election.

Lot’s of social media exposure and self affirming responses.


Could call it a hysterical reaction to a balloon.


I would kick in on a one way ticket for her. :rofl:

She isn’t shooting straight on ALL the brits hating Trump either. I met quite a few over there that do like him.

Maybe everybody in HER bubble hate him. :smiley:


I kind of like the cool weather over there. :+1:


you met some brits.

her bubble.

that’s some funny stuff there.


Oh I’m beyond question more fun than you and your friend. Last time over there I spent 12 days of the nearly month or so over there on a cruise boat full of brits.

We dined quite a lot with Brits who would usually bring up American politics themselves. We had some long entertaining meals and discussions with quite a few of them.

They were kind of like here in that they either really liked him or really disliked him. It was about 50-50.


I find you a funny fellow myself. Have a nice day. :grin:


wait. tell us more about your small bubble of brits.


I spent hours with dozens of them over there. Perfect strangers until i met them.

Not exactly a selected bubble. And got along well with all of them including those who disliked Trump.


so you got the opinions of 24-48 brits and then talk about her “bubble”.

that’s some funny stuff.

btw, how did you bring up politics and Trump to all 48?


We met a lot more brits than that. There was usually anywhere from 4 to 6 people per table per meal times 12 days plus the folks we met in a number of days after the cruise.

I would guess a couple of hundred anyway.

Probably more than lulu’s selected circle of friends. More diverse as well.

Now go away as you are clearly just trolling.


so, first you say that you met a few dozen. now it’s 200.

man, you’ve really got the pulse of the brits regarding Trump.

again, how did you bring up politics and Trump to all 200 (instead of the few dozen you initially claimed)?


Who cares let the Baby Balloon Fly.
Trump should take a selfie out the window with the Baby Ballon in the back ground and tweet it.