Trump Baby Balloon to Fly Over London


Maybe Donny Deplorable could have some Air Force drones take the ballon out?

That would be cool.


The insult matches the character of the target beautifully.


Howze ol’ London Town these days Ms. bee? Dangerous? Scared? Broiling under the glare of renewed socialism? The realized 1984?


Fact of the matter Ms. Middle it started out pretty darned good for me and mine. But, as predicted it has steadily decayed until it sucks beach balls now. And it sucked before Trumpus MAGA made the scene. But year one…nice!


I’m sorry you’re poor


Broiling under a heat wave (or what the Brits think is a heat wave.)


Poor but quite happy. My sufferings on the insurance issue is but a small sacrifice to drive a stake through the infected heart of nation killing obamacare.


It’s so hot where I live that watermelons are popping all over the place. It’s a mess.



All things are relative. For us we might as well be living on the surface of the sun atm.


I’m retired Army, so I get my health care through Tricare. I pay $45 a month for my coverage. Has your sorry ass ever served this country?


Temperatures were in the 80’s - maybe 85 at the most. The Brits were wilting in the queue, while I thought it was just lovely. And so much nicer than queuing when it’s damp and drizzling.


Nope. But I appreciate your service if in fact you served. You don’t instill confidence.


I know, but it was so lovely being at Wimby for once with nice weather (though it did rain late in the day once.) You can go back to typical dreary and damp now that I’m gone.


It’s been pretty great, hour or two every day at the beach or park.

And the sun appears to be here to stay for weeks yet. I’m sure we’ll end up paying for it somehow.


How is Trumpcare working out for you. It’s cheaper and covers more people.


Lots of people talk of how difficulty makes one stronger. Metaphors like being refined in fire are sometimes used.

Maybe libs can’t stand that kind of strengthening. But good Americans can take adversity if they have to and come out of stronger.

The hate that you’ve been taught knows no bounds.


He meant we should really do it.

Bannon meant we should really do it so we could raise up a strong army of Christians to take back America.


Did that scare you?


maybe it scared you. you’re trying as hard as you can to change the conversation away from what Jay posted to something else. too transparent dude.


Hey big boy… its exactly what he was talking about.