Trump Attacks the Fed

Trump says the Fed is keeping interest rates too high and they are going crazy. Not good for Trumpists. After all trumpists spent years waxing about low interest rate propped up economy. But now Trump is saying he wants to keep the market propped up. How in the world do you spin this?

The AM radio crew ate this up on my way in to work today. They loved it and it was mind boggling to hear them


Trump needs to drain the swamp. Why do we even have the Fed in the first place?

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Black is orange and orange is lavender


That’s a rhetorical question, right?


Trump must be jealous since Obama seemed to be able to control the Fed and he can’t.


And Trumpsters will be in here shortly to tell us why low rates under Obama were bad, but higher rates under Trump are also bad.

The cognitive dissonance is strong with Trumpsters.


The Fed is part of the Deep State.


The biggest sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome is Donald himself.


I feel sorry for Trump. So many disloyal people in government and federal services. Don’t they know Trump is president, leader of the free world, commander-in-chief?

They truly dont know who they are

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Anyone know whatever happened to the “audit the fed” movement a few years ago?

Hey - Trump found a new demon to attack! Does this mean that we can finally, after two years, quit hearing about the washed up politician that lost to both Trump and Obama?

Everybody knows the Fed is a wing of the DNC.

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The Fed is purposely trying to tank the economy to help Dems in November.

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Exactly. One does not simply spin in Trumpland…one just lies and change one’s story from day to day and trump…zees lap it up.

We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

All I see here are posts pretending what “Trumpists” are saying and no knowledge whatsoever of the Fed or interest rates.

Well, I’m listening to the radio and it’s accurate.

All Trump knows how to do is blame others, now matter how hipocritical and stupid it makes him look.

So this is HIS nominees fault for doing what HE wanted during the previous administration… it’s ridiculous.

Got your head in the sand, like usual?