Trump attacks McCain over dossier, Meghan McCain swipes back


Feel free to explain why Donald attacking McCain at this stage is not only a legitimate but honorable thing for him to do.


Must have replied to the wrong post, please disregard.


The tweet referenced in the OP has been deleted. That’s unusual for Trump. Either he, or someone on his staff, realized that he’s gone too far. Maybe he wishes he hadn’t brought the grades up?


Someone on his staff realized the tweet was yet another very dark stain on Donald, and distracted him with a Big Mac while the tweet was deleted.


Fat donald also deleted the NZ/Breitbart tweet.


He really needs a minder 24/7.


How does Lindsey look at himself in the mirror every morning?


I just found this:


Wow- interesting. That’s a lot of deleted tweets! Do you think he posts bombastic tweets, knowing his followers will see them right away, and then deletes them, thinking he’s not leaving evidence? Or is someone else deleting them?


Someone else, I’d say, trumps too stupid to self monitor. He needs his babysitters.


Why aren’t tweets covered under the Presidential Records Act?


I wish that at least those who served could stand up and defend one who served and sacrificed. But trump…


I thought they were.


One really wouldn’t lose any points if one wasn’t inclined to prostrate one’s self in service to literally 100% of the unbelievably despicable things Trump says. It’s not going to be a good look as time goes on.


He backs into the bathroom and when he turns around to face the mirror, he’s surprised he doesn’t see the back of his head. He’s still figuring mirrors out.


5th Avenue Syndrome hits some harder than others.


Trump didn’t delete it himself. He probably argued that it should stay.




Can we FINALLY get rid of this lowlife scumbag in the oval office???


Says so much about his supporters that they cannot see through this con-man.