Trump at the United Nations

Big day for Trump. He’s giving a speech to the UN General Assembly this morning. Should be fun. Feel free to post your thoughts, reactions, questions as President Trump addresses the world.

To kick us off, here is the general assembly laughing at Trump as he touts his administrations successes.

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For those wanting to watch the speech …

How ■■■■■■■ embarrassing.

Complete and utter embarrassment for our country.

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Wow not good at reading from a script he sounds labored. Not like the free wheeling campaign rant…Sorry speeches

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Pretty sure this crowd won’t start chanting “Lock her up! Lock her up!”


Trump going after Iran. For reasons I guess.

Hey - maybe he can ask them to put pressure on Mexico to send him that damn check for his wall…

Good point, this would be the perfect venue.

The world sees how impotent this “man” is. He is a joke to them. And they laugh at both him and us because he is essentially the perfect caricature of what they imagine the worst qualities of our people to be.


Slow down there buddy. You don’t speak for everyone.

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You’re not standing in front of one of your rally audiences, you dope.

Delusional Donny.

The embarrassment left about 20 months ago. Nice language by the way. :roll_eyes:

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Trump going after OPEC for reasons.

While President he does actually.

Trump putting his foot down. I guess.

You win on a technicality.

I thought he rejects the ideology of globalism, why is he worried that OPEC is ripping off the rest of the world?