Trump associate hires spies

Its funny because everyone here was freaking out about the false nothing that Obama was spying on trump when what was really happening was an investigation of russian interference. Now trump is honest to god trump is flat out spying on people. And I’m sure trump supporters will applaud it.

You seem to be confused, Donald Trump’s name isn’t Erik Prince.

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You should edit that title.

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In a book published in 2018, Mr. O’Keefe wrote that Mr. Trump years earlier had encouraged him to infiltrate Columbia University and obtain Mr. Obama’s records.

So no edit needed.

I still disagree.

The group has also become intertwined with the political activities of Mr. Trump and his family. The Trump Foundation gave $20,000 to Project Veritas in 2015, the year that Mr. Trump began his bid for the presidency.

The bigger story is that Eric Prince is funding and entangling himself with PV.

The second story is funny because it shows how trump is obsessed with Obama’s college records, while hiding his own.

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Should we believe everything O’Keefe says or only the negative things he says about Trump?

Everything must be about Trump. The derangement demands it. lol

What’s wrong with opposition research?

Project Veritas are Jurnalists who go under cover?:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Steele was a spy Obama used to spy illegal on Americans.

Hope this helps those who are confused.:grin:

NYTs behind a firewall so can’t read it.
Did he hire Steele?

I suppose the NYTs has evidence he is working under the direction of Trump or they wouldn’t have the eighth word in the article being “Trump”. At least not unless the NYTs is a garbage piece of political trash.

Couldn’t read the article behind the paywall. Do they plan on making up a bunch of stuff and handing it over to the FBI to get warrants on Democrats, while misrepresenting facts to the court? Cause that would be wrong if they do that.

I didn’t get through either but I’m just assuming here.

It seems it just someone that support Trump is doing the research.

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The OP seems to be saying that private non-clandestine intelligence is actually spying.

While professional FBI intelligence operations on a Presidential candidate are anything but spying.

I spy with my partisan eye…Fake news.


What a great investment to an organization that didn’t lower them selves to scum by pushing the Russian collusion hoax.