Trump asked sessions to reverse his recusal

Yeah so trump wanted sessions to go back on his recusal because trump needed someone loyal to oversee the Investigation of him…which could fall under obstruction…

Trump his is own worst enemy

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Sessions involvement is no longer an issue, because the special counsel’s investigation is not even glancing in Sessions’ direction anymore, not even a little.

Is there a difference between asking and ordering?

He should have gotten rid of Sessions the day Sessions recused himself and found someone else. Its too late now. Politically, that would be no different that firing Sessions and replacing him with Giuliani. Not going to happen, especially with the election coming up. All he can do now is wait out the Mueller report.

Replaced with Giuliani? I think Rudy would be the first one to tell you that he would have an extremely difficult time being confirmed in the Senate.

Sessions didn’t have a lot of choice but to recuse himself, after denying multiple Russian contacts and the Trump campaign conspiracy to deny and all Russian contacts came to light.

Conspiracy to denya any and all Russian contacts? I’m sorry, I just don’t go the same conspiracy websites you apparently frequent.
Holder would have set there with a straight face and refused to recuse on anything. In any case, as soon as Sessions said he recused himself, that’s when Trump should have said goodby to him.

He couldnt

Gop wouldn’t back another…trump couldnt

? Legally, he could fire Sessions today, and could certainly either withdrawn his nomination or fired Sessions at the time (I don’t remember the timing of Sessions recusal)

And the Senate said they wouldn’t confirm another Ag…so the reality is he couldnt…

Well, what would you call when so, so many members of the Trump campaign denied any and all contacts with Russians and it comes out later through reporting that so, so many of them had lots of contacts with Russians?

That’s a conspiracy in the Trump campaign to deny Russian contacts, and that has been uncovered. There’s nothing wacky about that observation, it’s just common sense unless you’re pretending that mainstream reporting isn’t credible.

Multiple cases of lying and or forgetting is just that. To be a conspiracy, you need to prove that Sessions and Don Jr etc. all got together and said something like “ok, the plan is we are all going to lie under oath and say we never talked to a Russian when in fact we did.” That’s what you are missing in your conspiracy theory.

So you think the fact that Flynn, Sessions, Don. Jr. and Manafort all lied about their contacts with russians is purely a coincidence?

Oh OK. They all just forgot or lied independently.

Man the **** you people have to tell yourselves.

And the stuff you people just make up…and it becomes fact in your own minds.

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Trump just tweeted that he should have never picked Sessions.

Best boss evah!

Man up and just fire him already.

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Most likely he knows he can’t fire Sessions without losing the support of Congress…but that’s not stopping him from giving Sessions a few hints on “doing the right thing” (sort of)