Trump asked Japan to buy 'huge amount' of US farm goods: report

Gee, sounds like the mob.

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a japanese tank

Trump implemented tariffs, which is hurting farmers… then begs for Japan to buy the product that China won’t buy due to tariffs. Arsonist and firefighter


And they are one of the few countries developing next generation fighters, their resurgence is a good thing as China’s oldest and most hated enemy.

I’m really looking forward to Roxie’s explanation to the grossly uninformed.


It was written into the Japanese Constitution “post-WWII”. Japan went from a (divine) monarchy to a constitutional monarchy with a parliament. Over the years “post WWII” they established a Self Defense Force which is similar to our National Guard & they have a Ministry of Defense, so maybe they will change their Constitution to establish a full blown Military in the future.

But in the meantime the USA Military is their primary National Security defense so YEAH they can buy soy beans from us. IMO

You don’t know the definition of military do you?

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And if they don’t buy the soybeans, we’ll close all those bases and take our soldiers away. Right?

That’ll show 'em who’s boss!

From the article

The scars from World War II, however, explain why post-war Japan—a nation consisting of 6,852 islands—has not had a dedicated amphibious force until 2018.


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Game… Set… Match

Japanese jets fighting Godzilla


Yeah. Just like our national guard. Aircraft carriers, stealth fighters, F-15s, AWACs, destroyers, attack submarines, tanks, helicopters, Patriots, SM missiles to take out ballistic missiles, landing ships for their marines…But not a military.


because an amphibious force is needed for defense? :rofl:


If your country is a bunch of islands, amphibious forces would be needed to retake any island taken by the enemy.

(Besides, they’re cool and generals get all the cool toys.)

It doesn’t change the subject of this thread and that is asking our ally Japan, who owes the USA for rebuilding their country after WWII from buying some freaking beans from us! :angry:

Like it or not Japan does not have a Military on the caliber of pre-WWII, not even close at this time and the information is available online, just look it up.

I don’t get why some people decide to keep digging. You would think at some point one would realize they are wrong and gracefully bow out.


You do realize that WE pay Japan for the bases there… Lol

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The irony is quite delicious. Thanks!