Trump..."Article 2 says I can do whatever I want"

Trump said during a speech, that article 2 of the constitution gives him power to do whatever he wants…Well I guess we have King Trump…lol. Can you imagine the total melt down on the CEC if Obama ever said this…it would be epic…lol

How many people here agree with him?

Someone didn’t learn the Nixon lessons.

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Why should I click on left-wing radical site that’s called talking point memo?

Of course they find him crude, borish, repugnant, ignorant and lazy…but they sure will vote for him in 2020

Because you’re afraid to learn something new.


Guess that video of him saying it was faked deep state


Would you click on infowars?

Are you suggesting they faked the speech he gave today

Any thoughts on his quote about Article 2?

Deep state fake news he neve said those words in that order

Are exercises in futility a Canadian pastime or something?

Sure, at the least, it’s good for a laugh.

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Coping mechanism engaged.


Left-wing outrage must be maintained.

Hmmm… no mention on Fox News website. Odd eh?..:shushing_face:

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Who asked you to? Or are you just attempting to derail the thread?


The OP did, Op provide no synopsis or anything else except Trump is king.

Left-wing babbling that we all hear so much.

or you could read the article

Come on Conan, you claim all the time that the constitution is to be protected. You know that Article 2 does no such thing. I know Trump is wrong on this and so should you. This is critical.