Trump approves second round of welfare payments for U.S. farmers

I’m not a Republican and it’s not a bailout.

its very much a bailout, they lost their income because of the government, so the government is giving them free money.

They are being paid for soldiering on in support of our national defense. They were attacked with tarrifs when we tried to protect our steel and aluminum industry… which is a national security imperative. So they are our soldiers in the tarrif war that followed. They deserve to be paid.

Maybe since this is America’s business… you dont quite get it.

so the government cost them their jobs and now is bailing them out.

Ummm… the farmers are bailing out the government. You still dont get it.

by losing their jobs because Trump got in a fight with China?

Then stop harping about the “Forgotten Man” and talk about issues.

But you see… that doesn’t work because which side of issue one takes is wrapped up in identity… and round and round and round we go.

In ww2, many men who did not cause the war were taken from their jobs to become soldiers and defense workers. They were paid… just as the farmers need paid for keeping their farms viable while we fight this war… originally started to maintain or national defense and its needs for a strong aluminum and steel industry.

I am somewhat surprised that a foreign influence here is attempting to undermine the solidarity of our country.

You mischaracterize my post. I did not say “the forgotten man” theme was not identity politics. And I did not say that I dont engage in identity politics. I simply said that identity politics exists but it is not the only type of politics. You are the one who claimed that all politics was identity politics.

Then what are you here to discuss in this political forum?

so again because the government ■■■■■■ up trade with china farmers can’t sell their product so the government is having to bail them out.