Trump approves second round of welfare payments for U.S. farmers

“The USDA expects direct payments to farmers under the program to total $9.567 billion, with around $7.3 billion for soybean farmers, the hardest hit from the trade war. The USDA program includes an additional $1.2 billion in food purchases, and around $200 million to develop foreign markets, bringing the total estimated aid to just below $11 billion.”

Our president is really good at spending taxpayer money on tons of things (as our debt skyrockets). Maybe he shouldn’t have given himself and his kids a massive tax cut.

Any moment now, Tea Party rallies will materialize.


I think what hardcore Republicans are thinking is this…

“Please, God, let us pacify the farmers until something gives with the trade wars. We can’t lose their votes.”


Glad I’m a Democrat!

This trade war doesn’t seem to be going so well.I thought Donald said they were easy to win?

Lololol RIP tea party

If we are propping up our farmers with more tax-payer money, does that mean that we’ve lost that war on trade?

If so, that’s the first war we’ve lost in a long time. Figures that a bumbling idiot like Trump would end our winning streak.

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I remember when ‘conservatives’ here were against government bailouts.

Not sure you understand that the tarrif impact on farmers is a result of national security needs … remember? Aluminum and steel?
So the farmers are fighting for us. Just like soldiers… they need to be paid. Not a bailout.

Of course you do. And that is how you lost the 2016 election.

The entire Trump campaign was populist. It was about Socialism for the right kind of people. The “Forgotten Man”

Screw everyone else because they are screwing you.

Be afraid… be very afraid but Daddy Trump can fix it all.

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Yeah… keep saying that. Keep spitting on “the forgotten man”. That will be a good strategy for 2020.

Yes. It is related to the concept of Herrenvolk democracy. Political power, voting rights, resources, redistributive benefits, “big government,” etc.–is fine, in principle, just so they go to the right kind of people.

Trump is destroying the farmers ability to make a living so they are dependent on government handouts to ensure they vote republican…

Just more brainwashing to keep them on the republican plantation…


Identity politics.

Advocacy for Illegal Immigrants … identity politics.

■■■■■ hat marches… identity politics

Congressional Black Caucus…identity politics


All politics are identity politics.

You are starting to get it.

I though Republican hated bailouts?

Do you vote for Democrats?? I am registered as an Independent, but I vote for both Republicans and Democrats.

I’ll be voting in the Democrat primaries. So… yes.