Trump-Appointed Judge Hands Donald Trump Bad News In Robert Mueller Russia Case, Rules ‘Collusion’ Is A Crime

I think Trump is gonna need some new judges. The ones he’s appointed keep ruling against him/him team/his interests.


This is bad news for anyone in that Trump Tower meeting.


His 3 a.m. bathroom Twitter post is gonna be a doozie tonight. :slight_smile:



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10 .

But I was told this was all a dem plot and that there was nothing really there according to one broken record on here.

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i guess it was a good strategy to try to make a crime not a crime. i bet mafia dudes are jealous.

Their only hope was to make a plea to the public in some attempt to sway them so they could get rid of Mueller.

It’s never been about law and order. That was a scam.
Its never been about lower taxes to help Americans. That was a scam.
It was never about supporting the troops…that is a scam.
It’s never been about corrupt Democrats. That is a scam.
It’s never been about freedom of religion. That is a scam.

These people…trump supporters are scam artists and sadly its America that’s gonna pay for it.


Well said.

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Making a big point of saying collusion is not a crime can only mean one thing.

There was collusion.


wait a second

all along ive been hearing that collusion is not a crime

what is going on

oh i dont feel good about this

at all

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okay im pretty sure the answer is a no


if i voted for trump

can i go to jail too

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Well, well, well…lookey there. An appointee who cares more about their counrty than they do about Donald. That always throws him and his supporters into a physics-defying, pretzel-bending flip-flopping, hypocritical and nonsenisical attack mode.

I can almost hear Rudy nervously breathing through his teeth this morning. He was the loudest mouthpiece for the “collusion is not a crime” mantra. Guess the talking heads will have to readjust their daily drumbeat…Sean…looking in your direction…


Any word from Trump yet about how this so - called judge is a leftist shill who is part of the deep state conspiring to bring Trump down?

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i dont want trump to go to jail

is he going to jail

thats a bad look

what will i tell my kids

i voted for the guy

does that make me a bad guy too


There’s still time for you.

Trump? Not so much.

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Womp Womp.

I’m just going to put this here.

Once Mueller reports you’re gone see Rush and Fox go into full attack mode. Might as well prepare yourselves now.

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Any day now.