Trump appears to echo Russian talking points

A couple of segments from TRMS last night regarding Trump and Russian talking points.
This is a history of Trump making some statements about:
Polish incursions in Belarus,
We should fear Montenegro,
The Russian rewrite of Afghanistan invasion history.

I find it interesting how Trump seems to have been so well versed in obscure and Kremlin generated stories.

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I saw that. You know trump doesn’t know ■■■■ about Montenegro.


Oh, oh…just wait until Mueller finds out.

mueller knows.

Mueller knows everything.

Even that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination.

To Mueller this is old news, he knows all

Mueller should go on jeopardy…he would be unstoppable

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There are a lot of witches to catch

…any day now? What would you guess…a full report about NOTHING…in about 2 more years?

Old news…

I would give it another year

At this rate he will have another half dozen conviction and another 20+million in seized assets by that point

We are in the end game…2019 will not be kind to Trumpers and their big fat hope cheeto jesus

It’s been a year and seven months so far, I predict your world collapsing within the next 12 months.

Donald Trump is a stable genius. This message has been said for a long time, and many people believe it. Donald Trump knows very everything about foreign countries such as Europe, why are you surprised? Poland, Belarus and Montenegro are countries, and Donald Trump knows all of them. Russia helps a lot to explain how the world works, and we all see that the world is better than when Obama was president. Russia was not our friend, now they are. Isn’t that good? I think so.

Drip drip drip.
When did you get so impatient?

So now you are carrying buckets of red dyed water?

I heard this last night (XM radio). Wow.
Trump sure seems pretty traitory.

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Any day now? Full report about nothing? Fascinating. Lol