Trump announces tariffs on 200B in chinese goods

he is really trying to cause a depression

Well we are running record trade deficits with China now so it looks like the strategy is working!

Yay! Let the good times roll!

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Well, we are actually overdue for our next recession. Whether I like it or not, that’s just a historical fact. I guess if we need to have someone speed up the process, and allow us to feel the pain that was largely inevitable at some point, then it might as well come on the back of someone as unqualified as Trump.

Even though it won’t be wholly his fault, as a recession was fairly inevitable. Maybe for the low-info folks, they will tie him to it regardless. And use this as a learning experience of why it is a horrible idea to support someone who has literally no clue, and I repeat, not the first clue at all, of what it takes to lead the United States of America.


dow futures are 200 lower

i could easily see china banning us ag imports.
plus selling off of US bonds

This is called Winning.

The world needs America more than America needs the world.

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Higher prices for American consumers and less exports for American farmers what can go wrong?

What do you suppose this will do to Ivanka’s Chinese made crap?

lol - I bet China is real happy it’s been approving all of Ivanka’s and Donald’s trademarks and projects.

Probably the only clothes and shoes the Deplorables will be able to afford once the tariffs take effect.

You should see the racks of her crap at Marshall’s with red stickers on them (the lowest of the price for goods Marshall’s just wants to get off their racks after being reduced, and reduced and reduced.

Where is the Alan Dershowitz live webcast for his book that Hannity said was at 9PM central tonight?

Good. The problem is now China can’t match us dollar for dollar since our entire export to China is 129 billion dollars.

Meanwhile China export to is over half a trillion dollars.

China just lost…wonder if they know it yet?

Don’t see it yet

china owns over 1 T in us debt.
in 2017 they bought over 100B of us debt

if the decide not to buy anymore or decide to dump us bonds interest rates will shoot higher,hurting the economy even more.
plus china could easily end all sanctions on NK making trump look like a fool
they coudl also buy a lot of iranian oil, crippling the US attempt to hurt iran

China has hardly lost…

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If China wants to sell those T bill go ahead. Chances are they will only get 10 cent to a dollar.

So they still lose.

And Americans will replace cheap Chinese goods with what? Oh, that’s right…the same Chinese goods that will now cost more because we aren’t going to make it in America.

China is not in a trade war with anyone else. Just the US. They have markets for their goods in the multitudes of other countries.

The US is now in a trade war with Canada, Mexico, the EU, China, and to some extent, Japan.

None of these other countries started a trade war with anyone else, this was initiated by the US.

Yes, we are the #1 economy. But if the rest of the world outside of Russia, Turkey, Israel, UAE, and Saudi Arabia tell us to â– â– â– â–  off, then that can change.

And Russia, Turkey, UAE, and Saudi Arabia would not mind if the US was not #1.

The recession will hit its stride after the mid terms and the Democrats will get the blame.


If only reality was as simple as your imagination.