Trump and the World Series

Trump mentioned his World Series plan to reporters in the Oval Office on Thursday. But when asked whether he might throw out the first pitch, he said, “I don’t know. They’re going to have to dress me up in a lot of heavy armor,” apparently referring to a bulletproof vest. “I’ll look too heavy. I don’t like that.”

Know what a normal dad would do in this situation? Take his 13 year old son and a friend to the WORLD SERIES. He could politely decline throwing the pitch (which he was NOT asked to do), but take that poor kid and pretend to enjoy it.

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I hope Trump wins the game


Libs probably would love to see Donald Trump dressed up in a bunch of heavy armor. They’d try to insinuate that Donald Trump is fat because they have nothing else to attack him on. Hopefully he doesn’t do it, although many people are asking him to do it. I just don’t think the optics would be very good.


Its so cringeworthy watching any President do this.


Nobody asked him to, so not a prob. Just bring the kid.

If they allow him to throw out the first pitch and after that they let the rest of the crowd into the stadium, that would alleviate the threat of something bad happening, and Trump wouldn’t be forced to wear something unflattering.

George w. Bush had a good throw at yankee stadium, thought that was a good moment for america after 9/11.


I hate it when Trump ruints the World Series. :rofl:


“Something bad” being 20 minutes of booing?

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If he attends tomorrow I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that the crowd will be watching for his arrival.
And I will also bet that he gets more boos then ovation.

i’ll bet that no matter what reception he gets, the media will say he got booed

Baseball is a Great American Pastime. There shouldn’t even be any libs in attendance. lol

Perhaps. But it will be pretty hard to do that since it will be on national TV.

ha ouch. but true

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Warren is currently poised to get the nomination. Gotta savage up my material in preparation. lol

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hasn’t stopped the lying before

if there’s one loud boo that’s all CNN needs to say he was “booed”

savage lol


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mathematical predictability

In a 2014 interview, Trump claimed to be at one time ‘the best baseball player in New York.’ This was when Trump was in high school, and he claimed such a preposterous superlative the very same year, 1962, when the Yankees won the World Series with Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Roger Maris.

He sure was learning his craft at a young age.

he was not asked to throw the pitch. right. but he was asked about them asking him to do so

nice narrative building!