Trump and the biggest tax hike in 30 years

according to the non partisan tax foundation if you combine the 5% tariff he want with the tariffs he’s already imposed that would result in a total tax hike of about …4% of GDP, the biggesty tax hike since bush in 1990. If he follows thru with his threatened 25% tariff on all mexican and chinese imports that would result in a hike of 1.45% of GDP,the biggest hike since 1968

Surely libs are celebrating this, because it means they finally get to pay more in taxes like they always cry about. :sunglasses:

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Those tea (taxed enough already) rallies are going to be huge…

I am sure fox will carry wall to wall coverage of them as well…

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Trump worshipers will worship Trump regardless of what he says or does.

More income yet still running deficits that would make the global meltdown budgets look great.

Exactly!! Higher taxes, that’s the liberal Democrats forte, they should be doing a happy dance! :roll_eyes:

Name a Democrat who wants to raise taxes on the middle/lower class?

And if they want to raise taxes, what is their plan for the additional revenue?

And now, it would seem, MAGAts are all in.

Are you angry at the tax increases?

Wait, based on your response, nope. I guess Trump taxing you is a-okay.

That would put us above twenty percent, for the highest percent to GDP ratio EVER.

I don’t know, one has to wonder why, with the greatest economy of all time, the Trump administration blows up the deficit, raises taxes and needs emergency spending bills for farmers.