Trump and Puty Sitting in Helsinki - Dictator Summit Extravaganza


But you were ok with such things when Obama did it.


What rubbish - if that’s was true then no children of a heterosexual couple would be gay.


Since you were obviously not OK when Obama did it, I’m assuming you’re not OK with it now?


Womp womp


shhhh. they’re trying to rid the world of gay people by not letting them see gay people.


The horse is out of the barn now. Precedent is hard to overcome. Your hero should have thought of the downstream ramifications when he started doing it. Maybe he knew (thought ) that Hillary would succeed him and all would be OK


It’s cute that you think Obama was the first one to do this.

Adorably naive, actually.


You are the second to call me “cute” in the past 24 hours. You and @Gravityspeak

I had a few groupies when I played guitar in public. I learned they are hard to get rid of. If you guys start following me around, you’re gonna get your feelings hurt.
Just sayin’


Very effective dodge.

I’ll get over your rejection of me, though…


Ha! I didn’t mean cute in the physical sense. I meant it’s cute how you follow Trump like a lapdog.


But if he admitted that he knew your meaning, then he wouldn’t get to tell his guitar story.


Then you should have no problem with children watching heterosexual porn right?


Your logic might make sense to a lib. But it makes no sense to me.


I don’t think we should expose anyone to heterosexual couples either. Heterosexual sex leads to STDs. Very unhealthy.


Monkey see monkey do.


I’m sure Russian parents would agree.


Would they? When can we expect them to pass a law banning outward displays of heterosexuality?


I always wanted to read Dostoevsky in Russian. If I master the language someday, I’ll read the local newspapers and opinion pieces there and let you know.


I’m just glad you ageee that heterosexual sex is unhealthy and needs to be discouraged.


I did not agree to anything. You have been posting your own nonsense and then commenting on it… the debate equivalent of an activity that Dr Drew encourages.