Trump allies gang up on Gowdy

From hero to zero

Gowdy is the latest victim of the alt-right.

I like him, but I disagree with him about the FBI getting inside a campaign. That’s a very dangerous thing.

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What part of what he said do you disagree with?

That it’s what I want the FBI to do.

The FBI spying on an opposing presidential candidate is unacceptable EVEN IN APPEARANCE. Let that sink in for a moment. Did you know the Federal government imposes that standard of conduct on the private sector all the time? Why then shouldn’t the federal government hold itself to the same high standard?

I agree but not “opposing”. Any.

Cool…there was no spying…it was no different from a cop coming up to you and asking you if you saw something.

Riiiiiight nothing to see move along we get it.

Gowdy has been a growling Republican dog with no teeth for a long time.

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He’s just been very good at his growling so that the fact he has no teeth is only been realized as of late.

Last week Conan started a stupid thread about how Democrats were going to start bashing and trashing some FBI agents who are going to be testifying this month, because he apparently thinks we aren’t going to like it. I kept telling him that that is exactly the behavior of Trumpism RIGHT NOW. All the time. Anyone says anything even slightly that goes against the messiah, the horde comes out. It’s pathetic.

But libs!


How do you know more about everything than the man who has actually looked at the evidence and sat through hours of testimony regarding your 2 obsessions?

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Oh look…a libs that supports her Messiah spying on his political opponents.

What Gowdy said was stupid.

It is never alright unless their is actual evidence of a crime…not searching for a made up crime as Obama administration clearly had done.

This is why libs have become extremely dangerous to our society…and must never again regain power.


Oh look. Trumpsters behaving exactly the way I said that they do. In a thread you started claiming libs were going to be acting this way at some future date. Even as you and every Trumper act like jackasses to anyone with even a whisper of going against Trump’s current fairy tale. Every single time. You trash them.


Gowdy would have been the first one leading the charge if that was true. You know that. You. Know. That.

He’s seen the evidence and you’ve seen nothing.

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Right…then you marry him then.

I accept your awkward defeat.


You’re the one that thinks it’s acceptable to spy on your political opponents.

And so does Gowdy.