Trump aide Conway repeatedly violated U.S. law, U.S. investigators find

It would seem the one of Trump’s “best” people he hired, has been violating the law repeatedly, and now the OSC is recommended she be removed from her job. Somehow I don’t believe Trump is going to do that.

Of course Trump won’t remove her. She was following his orders.

Given that the US Office of Special Counsel is full of Obama saboteurs and part of the DC swamp Donald swore to drain, this makes perfect sense. Wielding a mighty Harpoon of Truth, our valiant Captain of Freeberty will continue to hunt down and destroy all creatures from the Deep (State) as if possessed - possessed of a love for God, conservatism, country, and large huggable flags.


Trump is not going to remove her and his supporters will not care.

For making political comments while serving in the White House? :rofl:

Only trumps law matters…


Yes, it’s called the Hatch Act.

They may not, but to retain the White House Trump needs more than the 41-42% that are likely to remain loyal no matter what.

This sort of thing is unlikely to play well among the 5-6% of his 2016 voters who have turned away or with anyone who was not favorable to begin with.

Violating the law is still a bad thing right?

I call it the deep state act, okay?

Yeah, like taking election information from a foreign government.


only if you’re a pea eating lib

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Crickets coming out of her husband’s tweet account. :rofl:

Here is the official letter from the OSC. Lying sack of crud Kellyanne violated the Hatch act “multiple” times.

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I was just about to post about eagerly waiting for his response

She acted in accordance with accepted practice.

Trump’s whole “administration” is a disgrace, top to bottom.

Says a lot about the character those who constantly make excuses for it or try to deflect from it.

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Why are libs going after a woman? Are they afraid of her? :rofl:

please show that it is accepted practice

This whole entire administration is a complete and utter corrupt cluster ■■■■■

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