Trump agrees with Kim, rips Biden at Japan presser

What in the entire hell is going on with Trump. He is truly losing it. He agrees with Kim about Biden having a low IQ. Seriously how can people keep defending this moron

not surprising.

He is emboldened because his supporters do not hold him responsible for his words and actions.

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Bidan is an idiot. Donald Trump has said as much many times. The whole world, including Chairman Kim, knows that Bidan is an idiot. He’s so dumb he probably can’t even spell his own name correctly. The reason Trump talks about him all the time isn’t because he’s scared, but because he wants the libs to choose him. The debates between Trump and Bidan would be epic.

  1. Kim also called Trump a “Dotard” and “frightened dog”. Do those monikers no longer apply?

  2. Kim knows how to manipulate Trump, this is another example of that.

  3. Lol at Trump referring to anyone else as “low IQ”.

it’s the republican men who aren’t standing up to Trump. it’s their fault. they obviously aren’t strong enough and have taken a subservient role in the Trump/voter dynamic.


I’m am willing to bet trump will not do any debates

I wonder what made Kim choose the phrase…“low IQ”? Where have I heard this before?

haha. low iq joe

has a better ring than “blue collar” joe.

cracks me up that anyone would fall for that pure baloney

wonder how joe will lie about how he pressured Ukraine to fire prosecutor of company where his coke-head son was on board

That’s the strangest thing - Donald is clearly not bright enough to see what’s going on, but he has no advisors with the backbone to point out that this little murderous dictator is playing him like a fiddle?

When it comes to elected Republicans, they are too frightened of upsetting Donald’s base to challenge him. Careerism over country.


And I’m also speaking of the average Republican Joe who goes to church and doesn’t stand up to Trump on social media or with their family and friends. They become subservient.

That’s a different phenomenon, yes. Too many of them have so strongly identified with this POTUS that any criticism of his policies or the man himself is an attack on their own persons.

This is spot on.

I have said this many times. He’ll find some excuse with venue or the moderators.

To be fair, the job of president is a demanding position. Donald Trump is very busy all the time and the prospect of taking time out of his schedule to debate some idiot who is never going to be president so it would be a big waste of time. Donald Trump is literally saving the world so why should he take time away from that so some networks can boost their ratings? Think about it.

The man has a mindless obsession with attention, like a moth to a bug zapper. If it means people are looking at him he’ll be tempted.


Yep…but it’s always been that way. The campaign for the next election, begins the day after the election.

When Trump was running, establishment Rs were easy to spot. Then when Trump got elected, some put on their “mask of support” for the very reason you suggest. Now…many establishment Rs are wearing that mask. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life is…when you see someone take their mask off, examine what you see very carefully because THAT IS…who they are behind their mask. This holds true in all walks of life too…personal, professional and polical. I place Lindsay Graham as the perfect example of what I speak.

It’s a shame that integrity can be sold so cheaply. When Donald has left public office it will be interesting to see the transformation in many of his supporters, both politicians and private citizens.