Trump Agrees to Postpone SOTU Until After Shutdown

The back and forth between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump over when and where the State of the Union will be delivered – if at all – came to a conclusion, if temporary, late Wednesday night. Trump will not give a speech until after the partial government shutdown is over.

That’s that. Trump caved on the SOTU speech.

Womp, womp.

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Wonder if the CEC will scold him again.

Trump Caves, TRUMP CAVES. The CEC will find some excuse for that.

He’s playing 11th dimensional chess.

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With a one dimensional mind.

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Sad trombone.

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If people haven’t figured out that Donald Trump’s only move is to come out massively aggressive then they’re idiots. All you have to do is either stand up to him or wait him out. Every world leader should know that by know.

The master dealmaker ladies and gentlemen.

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Or just compliment him.

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It’s called standing up to bullies. Nancy Pelosi understands that.

He got *****-slapped by a frail, near octogenarian woman.

That’s gotta sting.

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In fairness, Pelosi’s a bully herself. She’s just not totally incompetent.

Meanwhile Trump supporters are waiting on the CEC to spin this as a win for Trump.

Are you guys tired yet of all this winning?

Waiting on Rush for the daily narrative.


Any minute now the Pres and them Marines are going to STOMP SOME SKULLS in the House… :kissing_heart:

Pelosi is tough fighter and not someone to cross. But the point of a bully is that they bluster but usually don’t fight. I believe Pelosi will fight whereas bullies generally don’t have it in them.

Again to be fair, she’s the single most feared person on Capitol Hill. You ever notice how most attacks on her come from right wing media and not the politicians, except during campaign season?

OTOH, Trump probably sees it that way.