Trump Again Calls Russia Meddling A Hoax

Will somebody please help this poor man. He cant seem to make up his mind about whether or not he thinks Russia was behind election interference

Its a big hoax. and the 12 Russians who hacked the elections in 2016 will be pardoned.

They are innocent as new born lambs.

It was other people not the russians.

you are all too dumb to realize the wool is being pulled over your eyes.

I ,the super genius that I am. have come to this conclusion based upon all the facts presented to me by DNI Dan Coats.


The false charge of “collusion” and what initiated a special counsel investigation is a hoax.


That’s a lot of indictments and guilty pleas for a hoax.

That is the greatest post ever. The best. Nothing in history like it.

None for collusion.

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The only collusion was between the Dems and Fusion. Oh, and Venezuela.

Trump is cool!


So what are you worried about, then? What are you Trump bootlickers so afraid of Mueller finding?

Afraid? You got it all wrong. I want Mueller to do his job and indict the Clinton gang. Until Mueller stops focusing of Trump, he is unlikely to get Clinton.

You forgot Clinton and Podesta and DNC to block out Bernie…Like it never happened…

Yep that is the thing.

They know that the President is really dirty.

They just don’t want to admit that they sold out everything that they supposedly believed in for a pile of garbage.

At this point I think it might be about protecting their own choice… especially when they were all warned.


They really should consider renaming the White House. It could be called “Waffle House” for the duration of Trump’s residence there.


Who is afraid? The train wrecked when the Obama Clinton Mueller cartel assumed they could implicate Trump on SOMETHING.

What they got is NOTHING. Not even any good rumors any longer.

I think “Mueller” is the trigger word for Trump bootlickers. Because as soon as his name is mentioned, you all come out yelling about Clinton. She lost, get over it!

He is referring to the Trump hating Russia meme. He is fully aware of what Russia is doing. He just enjoys the attention the Trump-hating media is giving him. All the MSM frothing at the mouth is truly a sight to behold.

The lead investigator in charge of this was an out of control, prejudiced pig who was unable to apply critical thinking and gave tainted information to a FISA judge. After almost two years, there is NOTHING to substantiate collusion. This is criminal and those responsible should be prosecuted. The redacted information provided by the DoJ supports the fact that the whole investigation is a tainted, political witch hunt initiated with the idea of having Trump impeached. This is the attack on our political elections that should be placed front and center and a concern to everyone who is a patriot.

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How can you claim redacted information can supports anything when you literally don’t know what was redacted?

Weaponized stupidity on display.

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Trying to wave the flag as an excuse…cheap…

I mean you are ignoring a lot of evidence already in play…but what else is new…

Well no…they got plenty…you just dont accept it…