Trump admits he personally discussed a pardon with Cohen

How about that, fat donald admitting discussing a pardon with Cohen.
What else did they discuss during that conversation?
When was this conversation?
Lots of questions here, maybe fat donald would be willing to testify in Cohen’s perjury trial.

You know the President’s lawyers are throwing themselves out of windows right now.


And if Trump had said :“yes” instead of “No” we would have had a completely different Cohen testifying before Congress.
Good for Trump for doing the right thing.

You don’t see how stupid it is of the President to even say anything about this?

Do you?

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What? Lol!

You mean to show he (Cohaen) LIED to congress AGAIN?

No. He took a phone call, was asked for a pardon, said no. That is what he “admitted”. He admitted he did the right thing.
You want a cover up?

The sitting president just admitted discussing a pardon with his lawyer that was under indictment. Again, what? Lol

I want him to testify to that effect.

“No” is not a discussion.

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Congress needs to open an investigation on this to get all of the answers.

They will.

The President should not take a call from his lawyer whose office just got raided.

It was stupid for him to do so and it is even stupider of the President to say that they discussed a pardon.

We have a President who is really really not smart.

I don’t think Donald tweets “He lied!” enough. When you’re projecting you have to repeat that sort of thing endlessly, otherwise people might start thinking about all the times you lied yourself.

When was this discussion?
What was discussed?
Who initiated this discussion?
We need answers.

Hope so. This is huge.

So the President was asked for a pardon for “fake crimes”… think real hard about that,

You really don’t understand this, do you?

Define “discussed”.


Let’s get the President under oath and testify to that fact.

Now see why it is stupid of the President to bring this up via twitter?


Wouldn’t it be funny as hell if Cohen recorded his convo with Donald?