Trump administration will stop prosecuting migrant parents who cross the border illegally with children, official says

Did he not say ‘zero tolerance’ only last night?

Also, Melania Trump makes surprise visit to border facilities!

Trumpland is worried!

This is good news. It’s about time the racist scumbag capitulates on that

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Yes, great news! And the speed with which it is happening is astounding. They’re terrified.

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …
[let me catch my breath here…].

Do you agree that it is a good thing the Trump administration realized they were in error and changed their policy?

Well, I just read that someone else in the justice dept (I think) said that the Washington Post article was inaccurate and that no change were being made to the zero tolerance policy.

No comments from Ann Coulter on this one yet.

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they are still waiting on their marching orders

She’s live!

If I’m understanding this correctly it means he’s endorsing catch and release as promoted by dems. And that’s a very unpopular decision.

Just spent 10 minutes listening to Rush in my car (that’s about all I can handle of him since he went all Trump all the time). Looks like the way he is currently trying to spin this is that this is a good thing, because now the parents and kids will be locked up together.

I never quite figured out the logic, but this is Trumpian logic we’re talking about…so perhaps that’s a good thing.

I’m guessing Rush hasn’t read this latest bit of news.

Oh, and Trump is sending JAG lawyers to prosecute immigration cases.

Yeah, good idea to send lawyers who don’t specialize in immigration law to prosecute these cases.

What a dummy.

What’s not to understand, the logic is airtight. Of course we had to separate the families in order to keep them together.

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you called it… now we wait for the resident Cons to parrot these talking points

The DOJ is denying this story.

That is a shame. Parents should not be losing their children over a misdemeanor when we closed down the only legal entrances to them. That is a defacto ban on asylum

No chance he’s making this change.

First offence is a misdemeanor, after that a felony.

I don’t support broadcasting no one with kids will be prosecuted. Not everyone coming has good motives. Some are child traffickers and drug dealers.