Trump administration violated the law again

pssst… the SCOTUS already ruled on this. He can.

You’re correct…cuz Biden will never be elected. :sunglasses:

You think DACA was without cost? When did congress authorize those funds?


That’s all silly. The Congress allows it to happen through the laws they pass, and the law allows this. The Congress has spoken. The Democrat judges clearly ignored the law to come to the conclusion they wished to come to, instead of following the law. Yes, Congress has the power of the purse, they appropriate money, tell the administration where to spend it, and when they can divert it… all IN THE LAW.


It won’t? I thought walls were for xenophobic racists.

In an attempt to enforce our immigration laws, Trump’s actions to reduce illegal immigration ruled unlawful by the left. You guys know you can’t divide by zero, right?

Maybe your boy in the WH, who broke the law, should learn to follow the rules. Or is it cool to violate the law only when you agree with it politically? A federal judge ruled against Trump initially and a court of appeals upheld that view… ooooh, scary left lol.

And we’re the ones who can’t divide by zero? :rofl: :joy:


We know that statement to be true. The sheep of the party in power be they red or blue always “believe” what their party does whilst in power is “legal”. Always been that way always will be

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When your Obamassiah instructed the entire federal government not just to ignore immigration law but to violate it I’m sure you were against it… right?